If a Man Pays for a Date…You Owe Him Sex?

In today’s dating culture, it is widely debated whether or not a man is expected to pay for the first date. Men are feeling used, after feelings of getting nothing in return for paying for the first date. To get a woman’s attention, is a man really obligated to cough up money on the first initial date in order to be seen as a potential “option” for the woman? If a man refuses to pay for the first date or simply would like to split the bill  , is he suddenly banished to the friend zone or listed as an unsaved number? The idea is that if a man takes the time to pay for your meal, [especially if he took you to an expensive restaurant] then  sex is expected at the end of the night. Let’s all keep it real, if a man spends $200 on a date, he’s expecting to get some ass at the end of the evening; not a simple kiss on the cheek and a “good night” text. The question is…do women owe this to men?  Continue reading “If a Man Pays for a Date…You Owe Him Sex?”

5 Ways Social Media Will Ruin Your Sex Life

So you just had some amazing sex with your partner. The kind that makes you want to go for a round 3 ….or a round 5. For some of you, the sex is so good that you feel the urge to post about it on social media. You feel the need to brag about how horny you are on social media when your partner is out of town or just simply at work.  I always wondered why people felt the need to put their sex life all over social media. Are people trying to make others jealous? Do they think that we are all at home twiddling our thumbs, and not having sex too?  I’m all for the freedom of sexual expression but, spilling all the details about your sex life on social media could cause some problems. Here are 5 Reasons Why Social Media Can Ruin Your Sex Life


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Are You a Loyal Woman or Just a Dumb Ass?

A lot of people loosely throw the word “loyalty” around as if  it’s a quality that everyone possesses. In regards to a relationship, loyalty towards your partner is definitely one of the major keys that can either make or break it.  Consistently showing your support and allegiance to your partner can help build a relationship with longevity and trust. Despite this, many women are often loyal to the wrong men. They either get caught up in their emotions and lead with their heart or end up leading with pleasureful desires if they become “dickmitized”.  Both are equally unsatisfying.  So the question is, at what point does being a loyal woman become a dumb ass decision?

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Why Men Don’t Trust Women

Here’s 11 reasons why we think men generally don’t trust women in their relationships. Please don’t take offense to this its just our opinion but in case you are offended, its not our problem.
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Happy Hour | With The Dahlias |


This is our “Happy Hour” series where we talk about the hottest topics in pop culture news. This week we discuss:

– The death of music legend Prince
– Hillary Clinton carries hot sauce everywhere?
– Birdman demands “respeck” on the breakfast club
– Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna are now bestie
– Beyonce calls out husband Jay-Z for cheating?
Conspiracy theories of the week (who was being basic this week?)
Kill of the week (who’s winning this week)

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Prince Dead at 57:Robbed of a Legend

I’m still waiting for Prince to jump on Twitter claiming that his death  is a hoax; or to be spotted somewhere in public throwing the ultimate shade. After the death of WWF pioneer, “Chyna” (Joan Laurer) yesterday, I was already over this entire week. Now all I want to do is listen to “When Doves Cry”, while silently sobbing in my bed. According to TMZ, Prince’s body was  discovered at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota early this morning.

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Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Engaged- The Ultimate Revenge Story?

It appears that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have taken the next step in their relationship and are now engaged! It is still unclear how this will unfold, however, if they actually go through with the wedding that would make Blac Chyna an official Kardashian. I don’t know whether to ask God himself to please stop the madness or to send Blac Chyna a congratulatory tweet.  I’m personally hoping that Blac Chyna and Rob take their relationship all the way to home base to include children and their own reality television show.  One thing is for sure, is that this is the ultimate revenge story and I can’t help but feel that their engagement is a part of a much bigger scheme.  Allow me to break it down : Continue reading “Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Engaged- The Ultimate Revenge Story?”

Am I Racist?

If you have to ask…no we’re kidding. But race has and always will be a sensitive topic for discussion and even we we’re afraid to put this video out but if racism wasn’t so taboo maybe we could end racism. we think the best therapy is talking about the touchy stuff, so please watch, we hope you all enjoy and leave a comment below to tell us how you feel about racism.

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Why We Hate Beauty Gurus

We don’t hate all beauty vloggers, just most of them. Find out why in our latest video and be sure to like, comment and subscribe to our channel!
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Is Ciara Proving That She Isn’t Over Future?

According to TMZ, Ciara is suing Future for $15 million due to him take shots at her parenting and relationship with Russell Wilson.  Ciara claims that Future has gone out of his way to disrespect her on social media as well as in interviews. She is suing for slander and libel, wants all his disrespectful tweets deleted and wants him blocked  from saying anything about private family situations that concern their baby son Future. I completely understand that Ciara is tired of Future’s childish antics and social media tantrums but I do feel that she is taking things a little bit too far. It makes me question if she is completely over the hurt from their relationship. Though I respect Future as an artist and  have to tell my ratchet demon to calm down every time “March Madness” or “56 Nights” comes on; Russell Wilson is definitely an upgrade for her in terms of a stable relationship. So if she’s so happy and in love with Russell Wilson, it makes me wonder why she allows Future’s immaturity to frustrate her on such a large scale. The umbrella emoji on all her pictures to support “Purple Reign” was pretty petty though Future Hive.


I personally feel that if they both are over the relationship then why are they still taking public  blows at each other. Maybe on some level, Future’s popularity is too much for her to handle; therefore a lawsuit would give her the closure she needs. I’ve been there too Ciara, except for the $15 million lawsuit part.  My advice, if Ciara would continue to show that she’s  not affected by Future and continue to work on her career, Future will eventually back off.  Again I’m going to emphasize the part about her focusing on her “career”. A lot of women can agree with me on this; when you stop giving your ex energy they miraculously stop putting in energy as well. People only push your buttons when they know they can push them. If Kim, Amber and Kanye can squash their social media beef and take a selfie together….then I know that Ciara and Future will be able to get their shit together.

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Once you’re done with an ex then YOU ARE DONE. No questions…no damn answers.