5 Real Reasons Men Turn Down Sex from Women

We live in a world where men are portrayed as sexual beasts that can’t seem to think about anything other than “getting their rocks off”. I can easily say with confidence, a huge majority of women automatically assume that a man simply wants sex when he’s being genuine or makes a nice gesture towards her…. it’s pathetic. It’s shocking when you hear a man turning down sex from a woman, especially if she is beautiful.When a man turns down sex from an attractive woman, he is usually shamed or called gay  for his decision. There is a definite double standards when it comes to the initiation of sex between genders. Women want men to show more than just their sexual appetite, but when women show the same it can sometimes be intimidating and unwanted by men. Instead of assuming that the men that choose to decline sexual advances from women are homesexual here are 5 Real Reasons Men Turn Down Sex:  Continue reading “5 Real Reasons Men Turn Down Sex from Women”