Social Media Really Ruins Lives? 

Ever heard someone blame their break-up on Facebook? Or their most recent fight with a friend over an instagram post they took the wrong way? Or someone claiming Pinterest made them file for bankruptcy? If you’re logged in to the world of social media then you probably have heard these deplorable accusations. But the real question is, can social media ruin lives? Continue reading “Social Media Really Ruins Lives? “

Your Blessings Will Change Your Circle of Friends

I’m definitely not the most religious person ever, however, I do believe that sometimes when you elevate within your life your circle of friends may change. It’s as if the more success you achieve in your life, some of your “friends” really began to show their true colors and reveal the true place they hold in your life. Whether you’ve received a huge blessing that you’ve been patiently waiting for or something minor that you truly wanted; not everyone is going to be there to support you and like your status on Facebook. Some of your so called friends are waiting to hear some bad news that will set you a few steps backwards. Remember that some of your “friends” are comfortable when you are in the same boat as them or have maintained a level that is significantly below  their accomplishments. Some “friends” want to see you do well, but never better than they are.

Allow us to introduce you to some of the types of friends that you should kindly…kick out of your circle and fire from your life.


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