How single people should spend Valentine’s Day

I don’t know if I’m the best candidate to even write this post because I actually forgot it was Valentine’s Day until some random man on the street wished me a happy one. That’s when it all set in, “it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single af” but what didn’t set in was a strong spell of depression; and even I was shocked. It actually just feels like another day to me (this is coming from someone that doesn’t even celebrate their birthday). Anyways, here’s how to avoid those crying spells on Valentine’s. Continue reading “How single people should spend Valentine’s Day”

Am I Selfish for Wanting to Wait to Get Married and Have Children?

It’s funny how we are taught throughout our lives that the ultimate success is achieving the  “American Dream”.  That perfect life where you land your dream job straight out of college, engaged to the love of you’re life by 22, married by 25, and have 2.5 kids by the time you’re 30. Right? Well, what about the people that aspire for more than just a life partner and children? Are they selfish rebels or are they ahead of their time?the_most_expensive_celebrity_engagement_rings_640_45 Continue reading “Am I Selfish for Wanting to Wait to Get Married and Have Children?”