Why 2017 Is Still Going to Suck

We have officially survived the worst year known to man, 2016. Good riddance you bitch. I don’t know about the rest of you but last year taught me to pray for the best while preparing for the worse. So now may not be the time to kick back, relax and enjoy the year ahead. 2017 is going to be full of Beyonce type highs and Mariah Carey type lows, her career just couldn’t survive the last few hours before ultimately committing suicide in front of the world. RIP Mariah. Well in case you’re planning on 2017 being your best year yet, here’s a few tips to make that happen. Otherwise this is going to be another  year relentlessly sucking the life out of you the same way drake snatches the minds, hearts and souls of all his women. So let’s talk about how to make 2017 great: Continue reading “Why 2017 Is Still Going to Suck”

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What I wish I Could’ve Told My 20 Year Old Self

Of all the horrible things that can happen in one lifetime, the scariest for me is regret. I will consider it a personal success if I die an old lady, confident about most of the life decisions I made. Not everyone is so lucky to experience such a smooth transition into kicking the bucket but there is a way to reverse any damage you may have caused. Just learn from me and my ridiculously stupid mistakes in a post I’d like to call : What I wish I would’ve known at 20.

Ok so I am only 25 at the moment, in case you were wondering, but that doesn’t mean life hasn’t thrown a few curve balls at me. I have the battle wounds to prove it. Lets take a look back at my misfortunes due to me being a reckless 20 something failure :

Loyalty (family, friends & relationships) – How come nobody tells you that people ain’t shit? Excuse me, where are my manners? Correction, how come no one tells you people aren’t shit? There we go. Its painfully sad but true. Family is just a group of people comprised by blood, DNA, and genes. Nothing more or less. Loyalty is what separates family from relatives and there is a huge difference. I really thought at 20, just because I’m related to this person, they’ll always have my back. I had a very rude awakening with a very close “relative” of mine and never fully recovered from it.

Friends? Ha! Where do I begin? Maybe we can start with the fact that if you can’t even trust family, can you really trust strangers? Mmm, nope. Friends are just people as well, with their own agendas and motives that you’ll probably never truly know. The best thing about fake friends is they are way easier to cut off than a shifty relative. Just quit answering their calls, you don’t really have to worry about seeing them at thanksgiving unless they start dating someone in your family. Now that’s just the frenemy from hell.

At 20 I definitely thought I had this whole relationship thing figured out. Stay cute, cook and clean, pick your battles, have sex frequently and never interrupt a Sunday football game. Unfortunately none of that matters. You can be the best boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse in the world but it also comes down to how good of a person your partner is. I exhausted myself for years trying to be the perfect girlfriend and none of it mattered. It’s nice not having to fake a smile through a whole game of football and not having to beat my face to perfection everyday anymore. Now its all about sweatpants, takeout, and the peaceful reality of knowing that no one wields the remote control except I (that sounded single and lonely as fuck). Now I’ve joined the sorry statistic of people wandering life alone, paranoid, afraid and full of trust issues thanks to these life lessons.

Future – I wasn’t raised making my own decisions nor was I allowed to have a problem with the decisions made for me. I never really thought for myself, what I wanted to do in life or with my future. So when my parents told me where to go to college and what to study; I applied, got accepted and studied a major I absolutely fucking hated. I don’t know how I got through life never asking myself what I wanted out of it but I wasn’t truly living. I really believed adulthood was all about going to college, getting a job, marrying your soulmate and having babies. This was probably the only thing in life I had thought about and knew I absolutely did not want any part of. The mere thought of getting married and having children actually gave me sweaty palms and a slight migraine (even now). My distaste for adulthood probably saved me from making the ultimate mistake because I wasn’t ready then and I’m not ready now.

What I wish I could’ve told my 20 year old self? That you are in complete control of your life. Family, friends, and relationships will come and go and you have to learn how to cope with that. You also need to learn to accept people for the asses that they are and then decide if they’re someone that you should have in your life. Stop killing yourself trying to be the perfect girlfriend, daughter, sister and friend to everyone. If its real, they’re going to love you regardless of your failures and imperfections.

Slow down for a second, stop going with the motions and ask yourself what do you want. If you don’t know, think about it. Take some time to find yourself and allow yourself to heal from the past. After a nice cry, pour yourself a drink. get over it and live fabulously. You’re going to experience some setbacks and that’s good, setbacks teach you how to not give up and how to persevere. Those rough times are going to make you stronger and braver, because living life as a victim is no way to live at all.  Fear is ok, love isn’t scary, and not everyone has it out to hurt you. Love yourself, prioritize your goals, and live everyday to the fullest, regardless of who’s in it. Pain is inevitable but suffering is always optional.

Never Date This Type Of Man

Battle of the “Good Guys” vs the “Bad Boys”  Continue reading “Never Date This Type Of Man”

3 Basic Rules of a Threesome

Let’s see a show of hands for those who enjoy a sweaty, rough, and to the point rumble beneath the sheets. Or are you a fan of the stare into my eyes and whisper sweet nothings in my ear sort of participant? No? I got it. You’re more of the gags, whips and chains type of person who gets a kick out of safe words and dungeons. If I totally missed the mark and none of those scenarios spoke to you, there’s plenty more combinations of sex. And I’m confident that with a little imagination and sexual candor, your wildest fantasies can come true. Unless of course, you’re thinking about a threesome. No they’re not impossible to pull off, they’re actually quite attainable with enough Patron. It’s keeping the threesome from ruining your life that’s the tricky part and I’m not being dramatic. Luckily for you, we’re going to minimize that risk by at least 88% with these common sense tips. Here’s the three basic rules of having a threesome while in a relationship: Continue reading “3 Basic Rules of a Threesome”

How Trust Ruins Relationships

I know I only have about half a paragraph to explain the title before you exit but there’s a very good explanation. Before I ramble on and on about how relationships can be great this and fulfilling that, lets talk about how one of the key components it takes to make a happy relationship can ultimately ruin it. This is how trust can kill a relationship.

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Is it cuffing season yet?

When the leaves start falling, temperature drastically drops and Uggs start flying off the shelves, it becomes very apparent that fall has arrived. Another seasonal tradition is finding a mate to battle those brutal winters with. Yes everyone, cuffing season is officially upon us.

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The Science Behind Your Ex Downgrading

The act of an ex downgrading is a common phenomenon that occurs when your ex decides to give their love and affection to someone who is the knock off version of yourself. There are various ways that you may have discovered your ex’s choice to downgrade. Maybe you found yourself stalking their Snap Chat stories or were lurking on their Instagram page and found your ex frolicking around town with his new basic counterpart. It’s one thing for your ex to move on and date some one new, but when their new partner is a complete train wreck with a fake Gucci belt or a bad contour it makes you question everything. Like how could a perfectly sane person leave the comfort of a prime luxury estate to dwindle in Section 8 housing with roaches? It doesn’t make sense. Before your ego and sense of understanding is conflicted, let us break down the science behind why exes choose to downgrade: 

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8 Excuses Women Use When They Aren’t Into You

I’m convinced that there is something in the water and that men are becoming more and more emotional the older I become. While there are some women that are seeking an emotional connection with a man, there are others that simply want sex, a friend or the occasional date with no strings attached. Some men allow their emotions to overwhelm them with ignorance or their ego to fuel their pride. As a result, men completely miss the signs that a woman is not interested in them. Here are 8 Excuses Women Use When They Are Not Into You:

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Getting Rid of that Ex that Won’t Die: I’m So Reckless Story

Everyone knows that after a break-up, a woman goes through various mourning stages. A woman can go from: 1: Desperate for Answers, 2. Denial, 3. Giving in, 4. Relapse, 5. Anger, 6. Accepting It’s Over and 7. Hope. I’ll be the first to admit that I felt all of these at once believe it or not. After my five year long crash and complete BURN of a relationship, I finally reached the acceptance and ever so longing “Glo-Up” phase where I feel unstoppable. The feeling where you wouldn’t be petty if your ex started dating someone new or flaunted them all over social media. The feeling where you genuinely don’t wish bad upon them and simply don’t care about how their life is without you in it.  So why is it so hard for my ex to slither away and die now that I’ve reached this euphoria.  I’m beginning to think that no matter the circumstances, exes will always try and push their luck to make an appearance in your life. Why do exes always try and make themselves known once they are dead to you?….


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