The Science Behind Your Ex Downgrading

The act of an ex downgrading is a common phenomenon that occurs when your ex decides to give their love and affection to someone who is the knock off version of yourself. There are various ways that you may have discovered your ex’s choice to downgrade. Maybe you found yourself stalking their Snap Chat stories or were lurking on their Instagram page and found your ex frolicking around town with his new basic counterpart. It’s one thing for your ex to move on and date some one new, but when their new partner is a complete train wreck with a fake Gucci belt or a bad contour it makes you question everything. Like how could a perfectly sane person leave the comfort of a prime luxury estate to dwindle in Section 8 housing with roaches? It doesn’t make sense. Before your ego and sense of understanding is conflicted, let us break down the science behind why exes choose to downgrade: 

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8 Things to avoid during a break-up

Break-ups can be difficult to say the least. Tears, personal property damage and some form of weight gain is to be expected and completely normal. Most dating experts prohibit the practice of any kind of self destructive behavior while others deem it as predictable. Well for those of you working to avoid those unwanted pounds and Xanax prescriptions, here’s 8 things to avoid during a break-up.

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5 Steps to Get Your Girl Back

So she’s the one that got away and you’re desperate to get her back? Plenty of people have been in this predicament but don’t give up yet. Im about to give you the secret to winning your girl back, no matter how badly you messed up.

Ok there is a limit to a persons love, in other words, depending on how bad the break-up actually was, as in the case that you killed her dog, had sex with her sister, or said she looked fat; you might not be able to get her back. Just wanted to be honest. For those of you with a shot here’s 5 steps.

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5 Reasons Why Being Petty With An Ex On Social Media Is A Bad Idea

Most of us have been through a significant break up within our lives and in today’s society , breakups are seen as a race. We race to see who will move on first and there’s always a competition on social media to see who will be the “pettiest”. I personally love the couples that post faithfully about their relationship every week. They never miss a WCW or a MCM post. They are committed to posting their fancy dinner dates and basic relationship memes that remind us that we are missing out on their picture perfect union and love. Then all of a sudden, the posts stop! That’s when I know that things have hit the fan, and the posts about how they’re finding themselves and how they will patiently wait for the “right one” begin. This is the turning point, where I know the plot will thicken and  social media pettiness will be at an all time high. So I brace myself….Celebrities aren’t the only people that enjoy putting their business on social media for the world to see.


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SnapChat Confessionals?

Some of you may not know this but, we have a segment on our Snap Chat that we like to call #SnapchatConfessionals. Throughout the week, we turn our Snap Chat into a free and open place for everyone to confess to us their most personal secrets, ask questions or vent. We then of course give our real take on their situation and trust us when we say; WE DO NOT HOLD BACK!  Questions are always answered anonymously; we are in no shape or form qualified  to air out anyone’s filthy ass laundry. At  this point, you’re probably wondering why anyone would tell us their dirty secrets or listen to our opinion, right?


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Guide to Surviving the In-Laws This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again; where we carve the turkey, sit down at the dinner table and share what we’re all thankful for in the midst of family, smiles and holiday cheers. Of course if you’re anything like myself and the rest of the majority of America, then being in the midst of in laws might not be as appeasing when the only thing you’re thankful for is the fact that this day only comes around once a year. Still, those few hours can move you to drink a little more wine than normal, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; this is how you survive the in laws for the holiday season.

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