Social Media Really Ruins Lives? 

Ever heard someone blame their break-up on Facebook? Or their most recent fight with a friend over an instagram post they took the wrong way? Or someone claiming Pinterest made them file for bankruptcy? If you’re logged in to the world of social media then you probably have heard these deplorable accusations. But the real question is, can social media ruin lives? Continue reading “Social Media Really Ruins Lives? “

5 Reasons Why Being “Woke” is Trendy and NOT Informative

The idea of being “woke” is a common little phrase that is constantly used…..(overused) on social media and usually relates to a person being aware of what’s going on in the community. A person that is considered “woke” is typically in the loop about racism and social injustices and is willing to speak out against them. A “woke” person understands the concept of misogyny and all the crazy shit the government probably does in order to distract us from what’s really going on. In a sense, “being woke” is a phrase that is directly related to black culture and the black community as a whole. Despite this, being “woke”has actually become a trend instead of a form of activism regarding important issues. The original cultural meaning of “being woke” is officially lost and now it has become a phrase that people often use as slang or to bash someone who inherently is not culturally aware of their surroundings. In addition, most of the individuals on social media that claim to be woke are not whatsoever.  Being woke has become a trendy joke. Here are 5 Reason Why Being “Woke” is Trendy:  Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Being “Woke” is Trendy and NOT Informative”

Why Did Kehlani Try and Kill Herself?

For those of you who do not know, Twitter erupted yesterday after R&B singer/songwriter, Kehlani was publically accused of cheating on her NBA boyfriend Kyrie Irving with her musician ex boyfriend PartyNextDoor.  Of course social media made the situation ten times worse and Kehlani was called a whore. Men from all points of the earth came together in a unified chant, “this is why I don’t trust women”! All in all, if Kim Kardashian ” two divorces, sex tape, extensive slut shaming ” has never publically attempted suicide what made Kehlani feel that this was the only way.  Why Kehlani?

What Lead Kehlani Too This Point ??

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