Why You Have Haters

There are soul sucking, lie spewing, obsessed freaks of nature out there called haters. They are dedicated to their passion, their work ethic is as efficient as Beyonce’s, and they never clock out. There are some out there that wish these types of people didn’t exist and I understand the frustration but if we rounded up all the haters and got rid of them, then who would we laugh at? There is an upside to having haters as annoying as they are. Let’s talk about why they even exist. Continue reading “Why You Have Haters”

How to Not Neglect your Friends, When You Start a New Relationship

  1. We all have that one friend, maybe you met in high school or you’ve known them since the sandbox days, either way they’re that person thats been there through it all. They’re the bond that never breaks, the relationship that can stand every test, the ying to your yang; until a 6’2 gorgeous smooth talker falls into your lap and all you want to do is obsess over your new beau. So by the time the honey moon stage has evaporated into thin air, you decide to have a fun night with your bff only to realize . . . wait what was their name again? Yea, you’re officially the worst friend ever, now here’s how to not neglect your friend(s) when you start a new relationship.

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