Beyonce Announces Pregnancy on Instagram

Well 2017 is off to one crazy start; all the way from all the Trump protests, to the Mexican wall, now its Queen Bey. Beyonce is making headlines and if she was a Kardashian I would just assume it’s a publicity stunt while waiting for the dust to settle as the truth slowly emerges. But rest assured, when Bey and Jay make headlines it’s because they wanted to. A controlled chaos of sorts. Here’s the latest on Beyonce. Continue reading “Beyonce Announces Pregnancy on Instagram”

End of a bromance: Jay-Z reportedly “can’t stand” Kanye West

What a year 2016 has been. Trump is a legit presidential candidate, the bachelor told two women he loved them and Kim K has taken a sabbatical from social media. For the cherry on top, the universe decided to reveal that our favorite bromancers, Jay-Z and Kanye West, are total frenemies. Took the wind out of me too. Here’s how their feud started.

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Why Beyonce & Jay Z’s Relationship is Still Better than Yours

Beyonce. I could probably begin and end this blog post with just the singer’s name alone but this isn’t about gawking over her illustrious career. Instead we’re going to dissect a little more of the superstar’s now open book marriage and discuss why their infidelity ridden relationship is still better than yours.

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