How to Fix Your Trust Issues

Have you had your heart broken by some loser ex that you wouldn’t mind getting hit by a bus? Has a very special someone in your life let you down or disappointed you? Do you think all men or all women are the same? If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations, you’ve been officially diagnosed with trust issues. It’s a contagious, soul draining disease that can only be cured one way. Want to find out how? Keep reading for the cure : Continue reading “How to Fix Your Trust Issues”

I Forgave my Cheating Partner, But Can’t Get Over It

Have you ever been in a situation where your partner stepped out during your relationship but instead of leaving you decided to “work it out”. You may have decided to work things out because there are children involved, deep feelings, or you just wanted to give the relationship another go around. We aren’t here to judge your situation, because honestly a lot of people have felt  the pain of their lover showing interest in someone else . You might say to yourself ” I love them” , but I still have trust issues and keep bringing up the past over and over again.The relationship becomes filled with even more stress because there are constant arguments that are fueled by those trust issues and insecurities. chrisaintloyal4Keep reading for  7 Things You Should Think About Before Taking a Cheating Partner Back Continue reading “I Forgave my Cheating Partner, But Can’t Get Over It”

5 Things I Learned from Breaking Up with A Friend

We always see a lot of blog posts about what you’ve learned from breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. For example, you may have learned they were a complete douchebag or a selfish asshole lol… this list goes on and on.


So what  happens when you have to break up with your best friend? The person that got you through that break-up and dragged you out of the house; or made you laugh from all the dumb stuff that you guys did that no one quite understood.  Whether you’ve been friends throughout childhood or you’ve met your best friend throughout adulthood. It’s never an easy task to let the people you share your most memorable moments with go. Though its a lot easier said to let a best friend go, keep reading for what you can learn from the experience.


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