Are they cheating or are you just insecure?

We all know the most basic signs of a cheater; dwindling sex life, suspicious phone activity, and who could forget the late nights at the office but there’s two sides to every coin. What if I dared to debate your friends assumptions that your partner was a cheating scumbag and told you that you just might be the problem. Strike a nerve? I’m just playing devils advocate, so let’s discuss this before the hate mail starts rolling in. Continue reading “Are they cheating or are you just insecure?”

My Accomplishments Ruined My Relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship and realized you’re a complete catch? You actually have something going for yourself; whether it be a degree, a great job, your own place, your own car- you’re just overall working hard on yourself. You are the epitome of a boss! Despite your accomplishments, have you ever felt that they get belittled or minimized within your relationship? Maybe it’s not intentional but, you notice day by day that your partner is insecure about your success. It may feel  impossible to understand, for the simple fact that you may be doing everything right. Can you fix your relationship if your partner can’t handle your accomplishments and ambitious attitude?

Continue reading “My Accomplishments Ruined My Relationship”