What To do When Your Friend Dates Your Ex

I am still feeling the sad aftermath of Bella Hadid and the Weekend’s split but to make it even worse, Bella’sĀ apparent friend Selena Gomez is now smashing her ex. Why Selena, why? Im doing my best not to judge Selena. I mean who knows? Maybe Justin Bieber stopped responding to her texts and the Weekend took an opportune moment to swoon her with some of his impressive high notes. Thats the lie I’m going with and don’t try to sway me. Anyways, if you ever find yourself in Bella’s shoes, heres what to do when your friend starts dating (or smashing) your ex : Continue reading “What To do When Your Friend Dates Your Ex”

8 Things to avoid during a break-up

Break-ups can be difficult to say the least. Tears, personal property damage and some form of weight gain is to be expected and completely normal. Most dating experts prohibit the practice of any kind of self destructive behavior while others deem it as predictable. Well for those of you working to avoid those unwanted pounds and Xanax prescriptions, here’s 8 things to avoid during a break-up.

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