I Only Date Guys With Money, Am I Shallow? | #SnapConfessional

Its that time again, snap confession time that is! So sit back, relax and enjoy as we all try to maneuver through life love and all things embarrassing. As you all may know we have a segment called #SnapConfessionals where people submit questions or life experiences to us and we give them our honest opinion while they remain anonymous. The confession reads: Continue reading “I Only Date Guys With Money, Am I Shallow? | #SnapConfessional”

Why Men are to Blame for Gold Diggers 

We all express love differently; sometimes it comes graded, in different cuts, sizes and even a personalized set of papers, if you’re lucky. It sparkles, shines and screams this is how much my partner loves me (again, if you’re lucky). Yea I’m talking about diamonds or maybe your love is measured in horse powers, or square feet, or cold hard cash. Really doesn’t matter how materialistic your relationship is because the world only sees you as one thing, a gold digger.

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