If a Man Pays for a Date…You Owe Him Sex?

In today’s dating culture, it is widely debated whether or not a man is expected to pay for the first date. Men are feeling used, after feelings of getting nothing in return for paying for the first date. To get a woman’s attention, is a man really obligated to cough up money on the first initial date in order to be seen as a potential “option” for the woman? If a man refuses to pay for the first date or simply would like to split the bill  , is he suddenly banished to the friend zone or listed as an unsaved number? The idea is that if a man takes the time to pay for your meal, [especially if he took you to an expensive restaurant] then  sex is expected at the end of the night. Let’s all keep it real, if a man spends $200 on a date, he’s expecting to get some ass at the end of the evening; not a simple kiss on the cheek and a “good night” text. The question is…do women owe this to men?  Continue reading “If a Man Pays for a Date…You Owe Him Sex?”

Building a Business with your Friends

When going into business with a friend, it is important to consider the pros and cons. When Hazel and I first started The Dahlia Girls we had already been friends for over 10 years, however, the amount of time you’ve known your friend doesn’t necessarily always matter. The most important thing is that the friend you are considering doing business with shares your same vision, you trust them and that they are going to work as hard as you. We both have the same business goals and dreams, which makes our business partnership not very difficult. Despite this,  you should always consider the pros and cons of developing a business relationship with friends.

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My Accomplishments Ruined My Relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship and realized you’re a complete catch? You actually have something going for yourself; whether it be a degree, a great job, your own place, your own car- you’re just overall working hard on yourself. You are the epitome of a boss! Despite your accomplishments, have you ever felt that they get belittled or minimized within your relationship? Maybe it’s not intentional but, you notice day by day that your partner is insecure about your success. It may feel  impossible to understand, for the simple fact that you may be doing everything right. Can you fix your relationship if your partner can’t handle your accomplishments and ambitious attitude?

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How to Escape a Job You Hate

Do you ever find yourself dreading going to work everyday? You get ready for work  wondering what your unappreciative boss is going to say or what’s going to be the latest childish gossip that is spread around the office.  You may feel hopeless wishing and praying that you can turn your passion into a paycheck. Everyone has felt  this feeling at some point in their life. You may be working a mediocre job until you finish college, or until you land a job in your field after college. No matter your situation, it’s ok to feel “stuck” but, don’t drown yourself in that feeling for too long!  It’s pretty common knowledge that in big  cities strippers make up to six figures. So before thinking of applying, look at these few tips on how to escape a job that you hate . escape

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