Who Won at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards?

The 2017 Billboard Music Awards are never short of surprises so why would this year be any different? Drake has officially beat Adele for the most Billboard Awards wins in one night and consider me not very shocked. Beyonce also had a successful night, not much of a surprise there either. It honestly seemed like every other category either two artists were taking home the win. For those of you that didn’t catch the awards show, heres the list of winners below: Continue reading “Who Won at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards?”

Complete List of 2017 Grammy Nominees

Christmas has come early for the lucky few who have acquired a chance to score one of the most prestigious awards any musician can ask for, need a clue? The grammy’s of course! The complete list of nominees was released this morning in all 84 categories and it totally gave me the “did I make it on the list?” vibe. If you’re unable to understand why the Grammy’s are so highly regarded allow me to explain. The Grammy’s is basically the olympics for musicians, without all the live competition. And just like the olympics acknowledges damn near every sport, the Grammy’s leaves no musical category behind. I mean, they even have a category dedicated only to the best of the best surround sound albums. Don’t worry though, they only televise the categories that people actually care about.  Continue reading “Complete List of 2017 Grammy Nominees”

Rihanna & Drake Break Up, Again?

When the Canadian rapper Drake warned us to prepare for summer 16, he wasn’t kidding. Not only did he have major success with his latest album Views, he even scored a sizzling hot summer romance with the superstar Rihanna. Alas, just like their previous go at a relationship, this attempt has sadly ended. Allegedly, anyways.

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Drake’s Dad is Releasing an R&B Album [Snippet]

It looks like Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham,  has been inspired by his son to drop an album. A snippet of the first track has been released. According to TMZ,  Dennis Graham’s first track from the expected R&B album is titled “Kinda Crazy”. After listening to the snippet, it definitely gives off a Neo Soul vibe.

Dennis has a history of making and performing music and I was actually shocked that he has a better singing voice in comparison to Drake—even though their styles are significantly different.  Perhaps, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree with this one. Dennis is trying to prove that even in your  60’s, it’s never too late to follow your passion. In Dennis’ case, it’s not too late to  launch an R&B music career….Drake being your son does help a lot with that though.

TMZ obtained a snippet from Dennis’ first track off an R&B album — “Kinda Crazy.” [Watch Below]

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Kanye West and Drake Collaborative Album Announcement

Though I’m still waiting on a J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar collaborative album; and for Frank Ocean’s album release as well…….word of a Kanye West and Drake collaborative album is also what I need in my life.
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Rihanna Releases New Anti Album, Proves She hates her fans

One of our last wishes in 2015 was to have the queen herself Rihanna dominate the airwaves with new music; although that never happened, she finally decided to bless us in 2016 with a brand new album. Unlike her previous albums that competed with the best musicians in the world (as far as radio play) this album screamed a big “F” you to every radio station and main stream outlet she could think of. She basically gave zero f*cks about her fans ever hearing her on the radio again because we more than likely won’t, with her indie approach to her latest album Anti.

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