Nicki Minaj is Officially Single Again?

It was always difficult for me to really accept the fact that Nicki Minaj  and Meek Mill were an actual couple.  It was almost as if Meek Mill was Nicki Minaj’s rebound love after the 12 year long romance with Safaree , which is never a good idea no matter how famous you are. This morning, Nicki Minaj made it known via twitter that she is officially a single woman again…and all I could think of was Drake’s verse from Back to Back:

” Not even when she tell ’em that they better as friends, Not even when you sayin’, “Drizzy, tell ’em again”.

I really wonder what Meek Mill did or if Nicki just wanted a fresh start for 2017 like the rest of us. At least Meek Mill can sleep a little bit more soundly knowing that Nicki didn’t leave him  when he was getting cyber bullied to death during his period of excessive losses…..



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