6 Reasons to Date an Older Woman at Least Once

Drake and Jennifer Lopez’s recent  “publicity stunt” of a romance continues to heat up and  it appears to be more fun than games.  It’s no secret that Drake is a professional “soul snatcher” and his involvement with Jlo will probably go down in history as one of his most memorable hookups to date.  I seriously believe deep down  Drake is the ultimate savage and looks at being a male thot as a sport of some sort. Nonetheless, every time I see a picture of Jlo my heart skips a beat knowing that she’s 47 years old and still looks like a goddess. It makes me wonder if Jlo will ever be considered another washed up celebrity.

As of lately, I’ve noticed a lot of older women shutting down society’s shaming and standards of women being considered sexy after a certain age. It’s refreshing to see more and more women maintaining their health and unapologetically wearing what they want. Although I know that this whole Drake and Jlo thing will only last until they release new music, here are 6 Reasons to Date an Older Woman at Least Once.


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