Why He Never Called Back

If I had an oracle or a magic crystal ball that could answer any question I would need to know 3 things; the cure to cancer, how the Kardashians did it and why are men so confusing. In case you ever wondered what I spend my time thinking about, it’s those three mysteries of life. Thanks to a crash course in the world of dating and a lot of tequila, I may have come closer to figuring out men and why they do the shit they do. ┬áLet’s discuss these findings. Continue reading “Why He Never Called Back”

8 Signs He’s in Love

The monumental difference in behavior patterns between liking an loving someone is easier to decipher than we think. Actually it’s not very difficult at all but for those of you trying to read between the lines of every gesture and every text message, theres a way less stressful way to do this. Here’s 8 for sure signs he’s in love: Continue reading “8 Signs He’s in Love”

6 Signs He’s a F*ckboy

Whenever I meet a cute guy I go through a bit of a process. Is he good looking? Can he keep a conversation going? Did I get bored? Did he ask me for my number or my Instagram account (major key)? And this process is completed within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone. I know, I’m not very reasonable with the time clock but who has time to really get to know people anymore (why I’m single)? I may not have figured out how to tell if he’s husband material in the first 5 minutes or even 5 years of knowing someone but I have mastered the skill set of fuck boy detection. Here’s a few signs that you’re dealing with a fuck boy : Continue reading “6 Signs He’s a F*ckboy”

How to Tell if all He Wants is Sex

I think the worst joke the universe can play on a person is when it hand delivers a Mr. Right impersonator. I mean, come on. Everything feels right, looks right, seems right but until those 3 little words are uttered (I Love You), there’s a possibility all he wants is sex. Here’s a few signs that could indicate whether or not he’s a total tool.

Continue reading “How to Tell if all He Wants is Sex”

What He Really Means When He Says “I’m Not Ready for a Relationship”

Of all the greatest lessons I ever learned in life the most memorable came from one of the best movies ever created; He’s Just Not That Into You. The opening scene explains how women from childhood are programmed to think that when a boy is mean to you it’s because he likes you. How fucked up is that? We’ll wonder no more, I’m going to dissect the true meaning behind “I’m not ready for a relationship”.

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