9 Most Brutally Honest Celebs in Hollywood

Don’t you just love waking up in the morning to the latest news about another celebrity gone wild on Twitter? Or when they have total meltdowns on live tv for all to see? Or better yet, when they publicly declare war with their ex on Instagram? Well if none of those tickled your fancy, one of these 9 celebrities will because we’re discussing the most brutally honest celebs in Hollywood.

When I feel the need to spice up my life I make my way to check who’s trending on Twitter because it’s either a mysterious celebrity death, petty break up, or juicy feud. Usually when a new fight emerges from the depths of no where I know someone forgot to pop their Xanax and to brace myself for an eruption of the most childish posts, captions and tweets. Luckily for us this is the digital age. So even when those celebs sober up and try to do damage control by deleting the messy posts; the meme’s and hashtags have already been unleashed. Let’s look at hollywoods most famous villains.

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Rihanna Releases New Anti Album, Proves She hates her fans

One of our last wishes in 2015 was to have the queen herself Rihanna dominate the airwaves with new music; although that never happened, she finally decided to bless us in 2016 with a brand new album. Unlike her previous albums that competed with the best musicians in the world (as far as radio play) this album screamed a big “F” you to every radio station and main stream outlet she could think of. She basically gave zero f*cks about her fans ever hearing her on the radio again because we more than likely won’t, with her indie approach to her latest album Anti.

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