How to Properly Cut Someone Tf Off

We all have those friendships, relationships or “situationships” that eventually runs into a speed bump, crashes into a nearby ditch and then tragically explodes.  Just because the two of you went up in the flames of glory doesn’t mean you have to suffer the lifetime consequences of third degree burns. For those with difficulties letting go,  I’ve selflessly decided to volunteer as tribute in hopes of prying the past out of some of your stubborn hands. Here’s how to properly cut someone the fuck off. Continue reading “How to Properly Cut Someone Tf Off”

8 Things to avoid during a break-up

Break-ups can be difficult to say the least. Tears, personal property damage and some form of weight gain is to be expected and completely normal. Most dating experts prohibit the practice of any kind of self destructive behavior while others deem it as predictable. Well for those of you working to avoid those unwanted pounds and Xanax prescriptions, here’s 8 things to avoid during a break-up.

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5 Reasons Why Your Ex Changes After a Breakup

Ever breakup with someone and all of sudden they’re doing EVERYTHING they said they would never do. You may have been in a relationship with someone who said they  didn’t drink or party but, you catch them all over social media at the hottest clubs tweeting about how shit faced they are the next morning. Maybe you were with a girl who dressed super conservative and after a breakup, all her social media accounts resemble that of a budding Instagram model in the making; fit tea included. You might sit there and ponder why they couldn’t just be themselves during the entire relationship or why they didn’t feel comfortable enough to experience new things with you?  Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Ex Changes After a Breakup:

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Sex was Better with my Ex after the Break-Up: I’m So Reckless Story

So Things didn’t work out between you two and they went from being the love of your life to number one on your hit list. No matter how many things of theirs you break, or how many pictures you rip up or how many times you call the cops on each other (that was a joke) you still can’t manage to truly move on. Actually, you may have noticed there’s still a certain finesse about them, don’t worry I’m right there with you. This is the beginning of the phase one mind f*ck, also known as sleeping with your ex.

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