5 Ways to Convince Your Girl to Have a Threesome

There are a variety of reasons why men are interested in pursuing a threesome while they are in a relationship. For some, a threesome is one of those things that they want to check off of their bucket list while other’s simply want to turn things up a notch in the bedroom. Despite the initial reasoning behind the desire, most women are not 100% forthcoming with adding another woman sexually into their relationship. There are many women that perceive a threesome as giving their boyfriend permission to cheat or think a threesome demonstrates that they are not enough in the bedroom alone. There’s also the possibility that your girlfriend has never been with a woman before and it’s something that she has never considered. Instead of considering to cheat in order to fulfill your threesome fantasy, here are  5 Ways to Convince Your Girl to Have a Threesome:

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How to Escape Netflix and Chill

Hey everyone, so “netflix and chill” has become an epidemic and in case you get persuaded into the invite and realize that there was never any intention to actually “watch netflix” and “chill”, here’s how to get out of the situation. We hope you guys enjoy and let us know if you have been a victim of the Netflix and Chill epidemic. Safe Netflixing!!

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