5 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Survive the Holidays

There’s nothing worse than your relationship going completely sour right around the holiday season. From having all your nosey family members in one room for Thanksgiving…..to having to explain that the guy in all your Instagram photos has seemingly vanished sounds like a nightmare.  Before you tell your parents to finally clear out an extra spot at the table for Thanksgiving dinner, here are 5 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Survive the Holidays:

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5 Reasons Why Being “Woke” is Trendy and NOT Informative

The idea of being “woke” is a common little phrase that is constantly used…..(overused) on social media and usually relates to a person being aware of what’s going on in the community. A person that is considered “woke” is typically in the loop about racism and social injustices and is willing to speak out against them. A “woke” person understands the concept of misogyny and all the crazy shit the government probably does in order to distract us from what’s really going on. In a sense, “being woke” is a phrase that is directly related to black culture and the black community as a whole. Despite this, being “woke”has actually become a trend instead of a form of activism regarding important issues. The original cultural meaning of “being woke” is officially lost and now it has become a phrase that people often use as slang or to bash someone who inherently is not culturally aware of their surroundings. In addition, most of the individuals on social media that claim to be woke are not whatsoever.  Being woke has become a trendy joke. Here are 5 Reason Why Being “Woke” is Trendy:  Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Being “Woke” is Trendy and NOT Informative”

The Science Behind Your Ex Downgrading

The act of an ex downgrading is a common phenomenon that occurs when your ex decides to give their love and affection to someone who is the knock off version of yourself. There are various ways that you may have discovered your ex’s choice to downgrade. Maybe you found yourself stalking their Snap Chat stories or were lurking on their Instagram page and found your ex frolicking around town with his new basic counterpart. It’s one thing for your ex to move on and date some one new, but when their new partner is a complete train wreck with a fake Gucci belt or a bad contour it makes you question everything. Like how could a perfectly sane person leave the comfort of a prime luxury estate to dwindle in Section 8 housing with roaches? It doesn’t make sense. Before your ego and sense of understanding is conflicted, let us break down the science behind why exes choose to downgrade: 

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8 Excuses Women Use When They Aren’t Into You

I’m convinced that there is something in the water and that men are becoming more and more emotional the older I become. While there are some women that are seeking an emotional connection with a man, there are others that simply want sex, a friend or the occasional date with no strings attached. Some men allow their emotions to overwhelm them with ignorance or their ego to fuel their pride. As a result, men completely miss the signs that a woman is not interested in them. Here are 8 Excuses Women Use When They Are Not Into You:

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What is Love?: Angelina Files for Divorce from Brad Pitt

Today, TMZ reported that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from her long time lover and husband Brad Pitt.  TMZ further stated that Angelina will not be seeking for Brad to have joint or physical custody of the six children they share. According to TMZ, it was reported that Angelina wants to end the relationship due to Brad’s substance use and  his interactions with their children. Though this may be true, there had to have been a bigger ongoing issue tearing the couple apart for Angelina to give up on a  12 year relationship.

Honestly, this entire situation instantly reminded me of how karma is a bitch and that this was bound to happen.Angelina and Brad’s romance was cursed from the very beginning. If you remember back in 2004 when Angelina and Brad filmed “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, there was a huge scandal where they both were accused of having an affair. During this time, Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston and they were considered  one of Hollywood’s “it”couples.  In the same year, Brad divorced Jennifer and pursued a relationship with Angelina with claims that they fell in love on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith while Brad was still married. My grandmother always said, ” you will lose a man the same way that you got him”….

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5 Ways to Impress a Girl When You’re Broke

Men seem to always complain that women want entirely too much. They have the inclination that ALL women want $200 dinner dates, Louboutin heels and fancy vacations during the dating phase or even when in a relationships. Though there are some women that value the materialistic approach of a man, there are still many women that admire a creative date instead of an overly priced one. The average man doesn’t have a bank account that looks like Christian Grey’s. To be realistic, they  have debt and are trying to make progress while also trying to make ends meet. If you are a man that has attracted the attention of  a woman, there are plenty of ways you can impress her even if you’re low on funds. The problem with this being, is that men lack a lot of creativity and effort. Don’t automatically toss a woman into the “she only wants a man with money” category without actually putting in the work to build upon the relationship yourself. Here are 5 Ways to Impress a Woman When You’re Broke: 

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Fifty Shades Darker Trailer: 5 Reasons I’m Not Excited for the Movie (Spoilers)

The Fifty Shades Darker trailer has officially gone public and I’m feeling let down once again. Let me start off first by saying that after reading the first book, I anticipated for the initial movie Fifty Shades of Grey to be a HIT. I was hoping to be  visually emerged into a sadistic romance with my sour patch kids sprawled all across the floor in the movie theater. I was sadly mistaken…

Fifty Shades Darker is expected to premiere in theaters February 10th 2017….just in time for Valentine’s Day. Here are 5 Reasons I’m Not Excited for the Movie [WATCH TRAILER BELOW]: 

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Teacher Get’s Slammed for Attire: Are Curves Offensive?

A few days ago images of 4th grade teacher, Patrice “Tricey” Brown, from Atlanta G.A. went viral after she was bashed for her attire. Many men sexualized the images while women proceeded to drag her saying that her outfit disrupted the learning environment.  In the picture below, the teacher is literally wearing jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt…. excuse the hell out of her for having a nice body. There are literally women on Twitter as I type this post complaining that leopard print flats are “clearly the devil’s shoe”. Though Ms. Brown doesn’t reveal any cleavage or other inappropriate body parts, many feel that she does not LOOK like a “real” professional…..


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Dating a Man That’s Bi-Sexual?-I’m So Reckless Story

Sexuality is complex and often not easily explained. There are also a lot of stereotypes and double standards when speaking on sexuality and sexual preferences. Someone who is comfortable in their heterosexual preference, dating someone who is bisexual is a recipe for disaster. Most men think that dating a woman that is bisexual translates to unlimited threesomes and kinky sex. While many women toss bisexual men automatically in the confused homosexual category.  Could you date someone who is bisexual?

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Getting Rid of that Ex that Won’t Die: I’m So Reckless Story

Everyone knows that after a break-up, a woman goes through various mourning stages. A woman can go from: 1: Desperate for Answers, 2. Denial, 3. Giving in, 4. Relapse, 5. Anger, 6. Accepting It’s Over and 7. Hope. I’ll be the first to admit that I felt all of these at once believe it or not. After my five year long crash and complete BURN of a relationship, I finally reached the acceptance and ever so longing “Glo-Up” phase where I feel unstoppable. The feeling where you wouldn’t be petty if your ex started dating someone new or flaunted them all over social media. The feeling where you genuinely don’t wish bad upon them and simply don’t care about how their life is without you in it.  So why is it so hard for my ex to slither away and die now that I’ve reached this euphoria.  I’m beginning to think that no matter the circumstances, exes will always try and push their luck to make an appearance in your life. Why do exes always try and make themselves known once they are dead to you?….


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