Why Being Black Is Not Good for Business

Ok everyone, brace yourselves; I’m about to mention that four little word that has literally started wars. That little-big word is race. Feel the hairs stand up on your body yet? If not this post will probably get you going and not in a good way but blame society not me. Anyways let’s talk about why being black isn’t always good for business: Continue reading “Why Being Black Is Not Good for Business”

Azealia Banks is an Angry Black Woman: Racists Comments and Twitter Beef

I honestly hate using the stereotypical phrase “angry black woman”  but, this was the only way I could describe the actions of Azealia Banks this morning. For those of you who don’t know who Azealia Banks is, (which is probably going to be many of you), she’s a talented rapper and songwriter from New York with an unfortunate D-List mentality. Though she has a history of unapologetically speaking her mind and not holding back her opinion, her train wreck of a career is hard to watch. This morning on Twitter, Banks accused past One Directioner, Zayn, of copying her concept in his newly released video, “Like I Would”. Zayn responded by saying, ” No lies…I see you reaching but, I don’t care…my @s too good for you”.  At this point, Banks loses her shit.

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