6 Signs He’s a F*ckboy

Whenever I meet a cute guy I go through a bit of a process. Is he good looking? Can he keep a conversation going? Did I get bored? Did he ask me for my number or my Instagram account (major key)? And this process is completed within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone. I know, I’m not very reasonable with the time clock but who has time to really get to know people anymore (why I’m single)? I may not have figured out how to tell if he’s husband material in the first 5 minutes or even 5 years of knowing someone but I have mastered the skill set of fuck boy detection. Here’s a few signs that you’re dealing with a fuck boy : Continue reading “6 Signs He’s a F*ckboy”

Never Date This Type Of Man

Battle of the “Good Guys” vs the “Bad Boys”  Continue reading “Never Date This Type Of Man”

Why Women Choose “Bad Boys” Over Good Men

I dare you to pick any day of the week and any hour of the day to just sit back and observe. Of all the strange things you will see, one of the most puzzling has to be spotting a successful, beautiful, or respected woman with a complete loser. It’s like they forgot who they were and accidentally downgraded. Well, there’s a reason for this very common phenomenon. Let’s discuss why women hate the “good guys” and love the bad ones.

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