Dreams Really Do Come True, Sometimes | #ImSoReckless

Wow so Ari and myself are finally moving to New York City! Its been a crazy week full of emotional ups and downs, I hate you and I love you’s; who knew going after your dreams could cause so much drama? What’s supposed to be the most exciting time of our lives has quickly turned into the worst time ever. Here’s our latest #ImSoReckless: Continue reading “Dreams Really Do Come True, Sometimes | #ImSoReckless”

My 2017 New Years Resolution

Wasn’t sure if I was going to publicly share such an intimate and private list on my goals for 2017, then I asked myself “why the hell not?” Thanks to the hardships, misfortunes, and just straight savageness that 2016 dished us, I have sunk to an all new level of shamelessness I didn’t know existed. Im not afraid of the future anymore, hell, I can’t wait for the new year. 2017 is going to be my restore to factory settings chance, my come to jesus moment, my new year new me rebirth; then the sour taste of this year will finally be wiped away. I’m not being unrealistic about the new year just slightly impractical and a little illogical but almost everyone lives in some form of denial. I like to call it Kanye syndrome. Anyways, here’s my list of new year’s resolutions for 2017:  Continue reading “My 2017 New Years Resolution”