Why He Never Called Back

If I had an oracle or a magic crystal ball that could answer any question I would need to know 3 things; the cure to cancer, how the Kardashians did it and why are men so confusing. In case you ever wondered what I spend my time thinking about, it’s those three mysteries of life. Thanks to a crash course in the world of dating and a lot of tequila, I may have come closer to figuring out men and why they do the shit they do.  Let’s discuss these findings. Continue reading “Why He Never Called Back”

Dreams Really Do Come True, Sometimes | #ImSoReckless

Wow so Ari and myself are finally moving to New York City! Its been a crazy week full of emotional ups and downs, I hate you and I love you’s; who knew going after your dreams could cause so much drama? What’s supposed to be the most exciting time of our lives has quickly turned into the worst time ever. Here’s our latest #ImSoReckless: Continue reading “Dreams Really Do Come True, Sometimes | #ImSoReckless”

My Ex Hurt Me, How do I Move On? | #SnapConfessional

New snap confession in and hot off the press! So sit back, relax and enjoy as we try to figure out this thing, game, nightmare we call life. As you all may know we have a segment called #SnapConfessionals where people submit questions or life experiences to us that they may have never shared with anyone else and we offer our honest opinion as they remain anonymous. This week’s confession reads:  Continue reading “My Ex Hurt Me, How do I Move On? | #SnapConfessional”

Catching Feelings for Someone That Doesn’t Belong to You

The act of developing feelings for someone else knowing they are emotionally unavailable, in another relationship or there is no label involved  is a very dangerous zone to be in.  I would advise you to abort the mission immediately, however, you’re probably thinking their feelings for you will change. You’re probably thinking that you are the perfect woman for him and everything that he wants. This could also be reversed if you are a man. To a certain extent, you may be correct. Maybe after a certain amount of time, the energy and effort that you  put into this person will pay off and they will see that you are the ONE. Then again, maybe they won’t see you as anything more than a good back up plan, because you have done everything that a notable girlfriend would do without a title. Chances are, they will leave you for someone that was more of a “challenge”. How would that make you feel?


Continue reading “Catching Feelings for Someone That Doesn’t Belong to You”