Why Do I Get Bored of My Partners? | #SnapConfessional

Another #SnapChatConfessional slid into our DM’s and I think we all have been in a similar situation such as this one; so why don’t we all just sit in a circle, hold hands, and talk about how much we hate ourselves? ┬áThe snap confession reads: Continue reading “Why Do I Get Bored of My Partners? | #SnapConfessional”

LA made me insecure, Help! | #SnapConfession

New confession came in that I thought was perfect to share with you all because why not bond over shared insecurities and relatable fails at life. As you all may know, we have a segment called Snap Confessionals where people submit questions or life experiences to us and we give them our honest opinion while they remain anonymous. The confession read : Continue reading “LA made me insecure, Help! | #SnapConfession”