Lady GaGa is back and drops new single “Perfect Illusion”

After three years of missing from the music scene Mother Monster is back! Being a Gaga lover myself since her 2009 VMA performance, her hiatus had met worried the artist was gone for good. Thankfully I was wrong, she was just in training to be that bad ass musician we all know and love. Take a listen to Gaga’s new song below!

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Where is Frank Ocean’s Album, “Boys Don’t Cry”?

Frank Ocean has continued to break the hearts of many. We’ve journeyed down a roller coaster of uncertainty waiting for his long awaited album. Frank Ocean’s last album, Channel Orange, debuted back in 2012 and there has been a variety or rumors, tall tales and conspiracy theories as to when he will release his next project. If he will release his next project?

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Chance the Rapper’s “Coloring Book”

The hype that surrounds Chance the Rapper’s  anticipated mixtape, Coloring Book, is well deserved. He released the project on Thursday and I have already killed the sound in one of  my earbuds….the left one to be exact.  Chance has already had a great year so far with his cowrite and appearance in Kanye Ye’s album The Life of Pablo, and  his features with other artists like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Skrillex. Coloring Book is a true testament of Chance’s growth as an artist after his previous mixtapes: Acid Rap (2013) 10 Day (2012). Coloring Book featured a few of my favorite artists to include: Kanye West of course, Lil Wayne, 2 Chains, Young Thug, Lil Yachty, Justin Bieber, T Pain, Kirk Franklin and Future to name a few. You seriously can’t go wrong with a list like that:

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Beyonce Premieres Her New Album “Lemonade”

Beyonce  released a visual for her new album Lemonade and I’ve been in formation since the Super Bowl. I just want Beyonce to know that I died 15 minutes into the premiere. “I can taste the dishonesty on your lips”. Beyonce sends us through the emotions of what appears to be a relationship that has been through the trials of cheating, however, ultimately reaching common ground in the end.  Suddenly the whole elevator incident all makes perfect sense and in actuality Beyoncé could be taking us through her own emotions within her relationship with Jay Z.  I can’t speak for men, but Beyonce wrapped up all the emotions a woman feels when she has been betrayed by the man she loves.

The entire visual of Beyonce’s album had be questioning what did Jay Z exactly do to  Beyonce during their relationship. More importantly, how do you cheat on Beyonce? Either way, Beyonce threw her whole entire soul and being into this album; meanwhile Jay Z officially has 100 problems. I love how she infused the  African and Louisiana culture throughout the entire visual. I loved how Warsan Shire’s poetry was quoted throughout Lemonade to portray her various emotions. I noticed a few familiar faces to include Zendaya, Jay Z, Winnie Harlow, Quvenzhabe Wallis and  Amandla Stenberg to name a few. Beyoncé also incorporated some of the families that have been affected by police brutality to include Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon Martin’s mother) and Al Jazeera America ( Michael Brown’s mother). Below are the different emotions that Beyoncé takes us through during the visual:

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Wiz Kahlifa Private NY Listening Session

New York City has so much more to offer than the overwhelming aromas of trash, food, and pigeon sh*t. People flock to this city for opportunities and dreams, no matter how far fetched and stupid your mom says they are. After spending exactly 48 hours in the city, Ariel and myself experienced a small dream come true when we were invited to Wiz Khalifa’s private listening session.

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Rihanna Releases New Anti Album, Proves She hates her fans

One of our last wishes in 2015 was to have the queen herself Rihanna dominate the airwaves with new music; although that never happened, she finally decided to bless us in 2016 with a brand new album. Unlike her previous albums that competed with the best musicians in the world (as far as radio play) this album screamed a big “F” you to every radio station and main stream outlet she could think of. She basically gave zero f*cks about her fans ever hearing her on the radio again because we more than likely won’t, with her indie approach to her latest album Anti.

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