Like a Good Scare? : Here’s How to Spend your Halloween this Year

It’s October again and while some of you would rather take this time to buy as many salted fraps as Starbuck’s can whip up, others may prefer a more bone-chilling experience. Since discovering it was just our annoying older brothers behind those scary masks, halloween seems more recycled than ever. But don’t give up on the disturbing holiday just yet, here’s a few new ways to scare the shit out of yourself and reignite that fire of fear.

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Killer Clown Threats-Hoax or the Real Deal?

I’m annoyed that “Killer Clowns” are even considered an epidemic sweeping America right now, especially since we have  more important bull shit going on in our country.  If you don’t watch the news or are completely plugged into social media, killer clowns have been spotted in a variety of states. To be clear, these alleged “killer clowns” have not actually committed any murders. The term is simply to describe the reported  ongoing creepy clown sightings at this point. I suppose the problem that a lot of people seem to have is whether or not it’s early Halloween fun, a hoax or just one of those things that the media is promoting to draw our attention away from the real issues…..

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Living Life in Color: DC Edition “World’s Largest Paint Party”

If you don’t already know about Life in Color ,also known as Lictour, it is  considered the world’s LARGEST paint party. Hazel and I had never been to a paint party, so we were very unsure what to expect from the event. We did know, however, not to wear anything remotely important because it would probably get destroyed from all the paint. We are always ready to try something new and exciting and were ready to get our hand’s dirty and enjoy the event.

lictour 1 lictour

Check out our video from Snap Chat to see how everything went for us ! Don’t forget to follow our weekly adventures on Snap Chat at dahlias.ent

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Affordable Vacations In Americas most Beautiful Cities

Ok, so there’s a little over a month left for summer and with these scorching hot temperatures lately doesn’t it just make you want to put on some sun shades, a nice bikini and take a dip in some crystal clear waters with a margarita? No, Just us?… Ok well even if we had you up until the margarita point we think everyone loves or at least deserves a good vacation but our pockets don’t always agree. So we thought we would compile a list of our 7 favorite vacation spots, in America, for way cheaper than you think!

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