Get Rid of Stress Now!

One useful skill I recently learned a few months ago was how to center my energy. By doing this, I have learned how to manipulate my mind (as bad as that sounds) to see the upside in almost every situation. This has brought me a great deal of peace and the best part is it’s like being on a natural high all the time. Want to learn how to get some relief from the stress of the day? Keep reading to find out one of the best methods for stress management: Continue reading “Get Rid of Stress Now!”

I Tried “Souping” For a Week, Here’s What Happened

I’m pretty serious about diet and exercise, like vegan food on Tuesday’s and 4 hour gym sessions on Thursday’s (in case you didn’t know, that was a lie). I’ve always loved my body but as of recently i’ve been extra critical of how I look (ok I’m lying again, I’m actually a little obsessed with myself). Then I pondered on exactly what I would like to change and dieting was the most obvious answer. Mind you, I was standing in line at Chipotle while having this convo with myself; I knew the regret of scarfing down a burrito bowl was one credit card swipe away so I had to do something. It took one google search before the newest dieting trend became my latest obsession. Souping.  Continue reading “I Tried “Souping” For a Week, Here’s What Happened”

How to Get a Flat Stomach

I can’t think of a worse punishment than active exercise, strict dieting and the delusional act in pretending cold stone doesnt exist; only to look south and see your own gut staring back at you. It’s happened to us all, here’s how to get rid of that stubborn gut!

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How to Stay In Shape During The Holidays

I’m not “Miss Fitness America”,  but I do value my health and body image and just like anyone else I have experienced what it’s like to not be comfortable in my own skin. Today we are making a change. Is it difficult? of course, but nothing worth while comes easy. Keep reading as we  break down a few tips to keep you guys from abandoning your goals during the Holiday season.


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