I Want to Save Money But, M.AC is Launching at Ulta 

This is not a drill.

M.A.C products will officially be hitting the shelves in Ulta stores in the near future. My first thought was that M.A.C would lose some of it’s exclusivity by being available in  Ulta, but, this will be a great chance to widen their audience. As an added bonus, no one will ever have to deal with the sometimes bitchy employees at the M.A.C counter ever again if they don’t want to…..and I’m confident that no one wants to.

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Ground Zero Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Brothers and co-designers Philip and Eri Chu delivered one of the most refreshing fashion shows that I’ve seen to date. The show was exclusively inside a contemporary Chinese restaurant, Chinese Chalet, which also doubles as an eccentric after hours party spot in the heart of FiDi .  The Ground Zero designers were last season’s VFILES finalists,  so we were prepared for some surprises. The name of the show was titled Midnight Express, which was inspired by the nightlife scene in Hong Kong as adolescents and the co-designer’s deep rooted fascination with fashion. Philip Chu stated at the presentation that it opened his eyes and was the first time he got the chance to see really cool people.

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Kim Kardashian Starts New Nail Trend

Just when things couldn’t get any trendier, leave it up to Kim K to go where others have never gone before. Nail piercings are all the rage now, thanks to a quick hand flash on snapchat. Here’s a few pics of the new nail art and why or why they’re not so trendy in my book: Continue reading “Kim Kardashian Starts New Nail Trend”

Get Fuller Lips Now

I don’t know if theres anything worse than chapped lips and just to up the ante, almost everyone neglects this important body part. Well chap no more because now you can cure that pout with ingredients right from your kitchen. You can even save a few bucks this way since according to most beauty stores, an ounce of lip scrub is worth $20. Not to my pockets! Now let’s talk ingredients so we can start undermine everything Sephora sells. Continue reading “Get Fuller Lips Now”

Plastic surgery is for insecure women?

“Plastic Surgery” are two little words that invoke a lot of emotion from all types of people. Some equate cosmetic surgery to one of the wonders of the world (the people that love it), others see it as a horrible form of devil worshipping that needs to be put to an end (the people that hate it), then there are the select few that literally could care less about plastic surgery and who gets it (no seriously, some people don’t care). Despite these conflicting opinions, they all may have one thought in common; “cosmetic procedures are for insecure people.” I apologize for the ignorance in that last sentence. I even had to take a shot of espresso after typing that, now that I’m wired on caffeine and fired up let’s debate this a little.  Continue reading “Plastic surgery is for insecure women?”

More Lip Kits? Caitlyn Jenner Announces Line with MAC Cosmetics

I sincerely thought that after the train wreck of “I Am Cait” was cancelled last year on the E and  all the rumors of a reverse transition, Caitlyn Jenner was gone from the “spotlight”. Just when I thought 2017 would be free of  Caitlyn Jenner, she announced via Twitter that she will be launching a product line with MAC Cosmetics on January 5th, 2017……

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I Tried “Souping” For a Week, Here’s What Happened

I’m pretty serious about diet and exercise, like vegan food on Tuesday’s and 4 hour gym sessions on Thursday’s (in case you didn’t know, that was a lie). I’ve always loved my body but as of recently i’ve been extra critical of how I look (ok I’m lying again, I’m actually a little obsessed with myself). Then I pondered on exactly what I would like to change and dieting was the most obvious answer. Mind you, I was standing in line at Chipotle while having this convo with myself; I knew the regret of scarfing down a burrito bowl was one credit card swipe away so I had to do something. It took one google search before the newest dieting trend became my latest obsession. Souping.  Continue reading “I Tried “Souping” For a Week, Here’s What Happened”

Even Complexion and Get Rid of Acne Now!

It’s amazing how we’ll relentlessly spend $100’s if not more for smooth, clear, luminous skin. What if I told you that was all possible for under $5. Steam is probably beginning to expel from both ears as you recount that last withdrawal some acne infomercial just confiscated from your account. Well get ready to cancel that subscribtion. Get beautiful skin now!

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Dumpster Dive Makeup Haul at Ulta: Would You Dumpster Dive for Free Make-Up?

I recently came across various YouTubers dumpster diving at Ulta for free makeup products. Although these people may be discovering free and unopened makeup and other products, I found it hard to watch them literally rummage through the garbage for foundation and eyelashes. Like is it really that serious? We want to know , could you dumpster dive for your favorite makeup products?

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Teacher Get’s Slammed for Attire: Are Curves Offensive?

A few days ago images of 4th grade teacher, Patrice “Tricey” Brown, from Atlanta G.A. went viral after she was bashed for her attire. Many men sexualized the images while women proceeded to drag her saying that her outfit disrupted the learning environment.  In the picture below, the teacher is literally wearing jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt…. excuse the hell out of her for having a nice body. There are literally women on Twitter as I type this post complaining that leopard print flats are “clearly the devil’s shoe”. Though Ms. Brown doesn’t reveal any cleavage or other inappropriate body parts, many feel that she does not LOOK like a “real” professional…..


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