The Real Reason Kanye West Met With Donald Trump

If you’ve found yourself becoming sicker and sicker of 2016’s sad shenanigans, I hate to report another sorry occasion. By now you’ve probably heard about rapper Kanye West’s (America’s favorite villain) meeting with president elect, Donald Trump (America’s favorite clown). Take all the time you need. Social media was at a loss for memes the same way you’re probably at a loss for words, so as you could imagine it was a slow Monday morning for wifi and data plans. But finally, we can find some closure with this entire debacle now that one of Kanye’s closest friends have spoken up about the meaning behind the meeting. Here’s the real reason Kanye Met with Donald (video below).  Continue reading “The Real Reason Kanye West Met With Donald Trump”

Complete List of 2017 Grammy Nominees

Christmas has come early for the lucky few who have acquired a chance to score one of the most prestigious awards any musician can ask for, need a clue? The grammy’s of course! The complete list of nominees was released this morning in all 84 categories and it totally gave me the “did I make it on the list?” vibe. If you’re unable to understand why the Grammy’s are so highly regarded allow me to explain. The Grammy’s is basically the olympics for musicians, without all the live competition. And just like the olympics acknowledges damn near every sport, the Grammy’s leaves no musical category behind. I mean, they even have a category dedicated only to the best of the best surround sound albums. Don’t worry though, they only televise the categories that people actually care about.  Continue reading “Complete List of 2017 Grammy Nominees”

Best Moments from the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Is it already that time of year again? No not the time of year where we stuff our faces with as many carbs, calories and Pattie Labelle pies as humanly possible but that time of year where we hate ourselves extra hard for holiday binging. Why the tough love? Because the “sexiest runway show” of the year is back, I’m talking about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show of course. If you missed the show or choose not to subject yourself to a little inevitable self hate (don’t worry, its normal) here’s the best moments from the 2016 show that aired tonight: Continue reading “Best Moments from the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show”

I Blame Black People for Making Tomi Lahren a “Rising Star”

In an article posted yesterday by the New York Times, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren was labeled a  “rising media star”.  The title of the article astounded me, considering the fact that Tomi has taken so many L’s this year to the point where I’ve lost count. Despite this, I cannot blame the spread of her cancerous logic without also blaming The Breakfast Club and The Daily Show for opening up their platforms to her words. I know ratings are crucial to any platform, but what will destroying Tomi on national televised platforms over and over again actually solve. No one in their right mind actually believes that continuously debating ignorance is going to miraculously be the golden ice pick to chip off a piece of racism. It is ironic to me to watch a respected radio personality like  Charlamagne Tha God and a talk show host like Trevor Noah fuel Tomi’s popularity and relevance instead of watching it slowly die out. It makes me wonder if anyone would even entertain her logic if she were a white male, especially off screen. If there was a black woman who spoke about white people with the same aggression as Tomi would television and radio networks be dying to hear her stance? The answer is, no.

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In Memory of Kanye West: 10 Things We Wouldn’t Have If There was No Kanye 

Over the last few days, Kanye West has made headlines for his bat shit crazy rants during his Saint Pablo Tour. Kanye speaking his mind is never out of the ordinary, but lately it seems as if he’s going too far with his opinion. It all began at his show in San Jose last Thursday night, where he stated he would’ve voted for Donald Trump if he had voted at all. To make matters worse, days later at his show in Sacramento he stopped  performing after three songs….which initially had fans pissed altogether. He proceeded to put his feelings out to his fans and claim that Beyoncé hurt him. Kanye reported that Beyoncé allegedly conspired with MTV to perform  “only” if she won Video of the Year. I suppose this was Kanye’s way of calling out the politics within the music industry but, seriously why at a concert where people paid money to see you perform? Beyoncé would never…. Kanye went further to call out Jay Z for not returning his phone call by saying the following, “Jay Z, call me, bruh. You still ain’t call me … Jay Z, I know you got killers, please don’t send them at my head, just call me. Talk to me like a man,”. After his rant, he dropped the mic and walked off the stage. Though there’s a lot of fake mad people on social media boycotting Yeezys and refusing to support, I do feel that Kanye allows his emotions to get in the way of the artistry of his work. I respect Kanye for speaking his mind to a certain extent, but for the most part I would much rather him just keep his contradicting opinions to himself. Kanye has recently canceled his concert hours in Los Angeles which also leaves the possibility that the rest of his tour may be up in the air as well. I honestly would not want to go to a concert where there might be the possibility that the performer is going to stop after a couple songs and then rant to the crowd about their personal issues. That’s not what I spent my money on. I don’t know whether we should just collectively blame the Kardashians for Kanye’s behavior or just blame Kanye for Kanye.  I feel like there’s the possibility that the death of Kanye is upon us and I think we should take a break from shaming and look at all the things we wouldn’t have without him….
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Black Chyna Snapchats New Baby

There’s a new Kardashian thanks to Rob and Black Chyna who welcomed a beautiful daughter yesterday morning just shy of 8 pounds. The on-again, off-again couple who are for the moment on, arrived at the hospital with Tokyo Toni (seriously, whats with these names?), Chynas mother. Kris Jenner and boyfriend Corey Gamble were also in attendance to meet the new Kardashian, as well as Amber Rose who arrived to meet her bestie’s new baby.  Continue reading “Black Chyna Snapchats New Baby”

Calvin Harris “taylor-swifted” Taylor Swift in New Music Video

Country-pop tycoon, Taylor Swift, (or is man-eater more appropriate?) chewed up and then violently spit out mega star Calvin Harris months ago. But unlike her last 48 ex’s, Harris is fighting back and he’s using Taylor’s subliminal shade throwing method, music. Here’s how Calvin’s latest video for his hit single “My Way” is being taken the wrong way by “swifties” everywhere. Must be great to have an entire army of emotionally unstable adolescent teens who will tweet to the death. Anyways, here’s the tea:

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End of a bromance: Jay-Z reportedly “can’t stand” Kanye West

What a year 2016 has been. Trump is a legit presidential candidate, the bachelor told two women he loved them and Kim K has taken a sabbatical from social media. For the cherry on top, the universe decided to reveal that our favorite bromancers, Jay-Z and Kanye West, are total frenemies. Took the wind out of me too. Here’s how their feud started.

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Why Twitter Shouldn’t Feel Bad for Cudi: Drake Release Diss “Two Birds, One Stone”

It’s no secret that Drake can be ruthless when it comes to diss records. He is the definition of petty and he has no problem delivering doses of revenge. Drake released a diss directed at Kid Cudi who was recently hospitalized for  being depressed and suicidal. The diss mocked his mental health issues, resulting in Twitter coming to Cudi’s defense. Did Drake go too far by mocking Cudi’s current state while he’s in rehab? Absolutely not, and here’s why….

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Rihanna & Drake Break Up, Again?

When the Canadian rapper Drake warned us to prepare for summer 16, he wasn’t kidding. Not only did he have major success with his latest album Views, he even scored a sizzling hot summer romance with the superstar Rihanna. Alas, just like their previous go at a relationship, this attempt has sadly ended. Allegedly, anyways.

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