Couples Who Have Less Sex Are Happier

When I mention the word “sex” what exactly comes to mind? In case your brain got suck on kinky fetishes or sweaty intercourse, there’s a bit of a science being developed around sex now. Doctors and psychologists alike have realized there’s more to sex than procreation and whatever day time television has led us to believe. Now thanks to the study of sex, it’s become a indicator on how mentally and emotionally healthy someone may be. Continue reading “Couples Who Have Less Sex Are Happier”

Everyone is Losing Their Minds Over Ciara’s Maternity Shoot

I never really got the whole controversy or negativity towards women and their styles for maternity shoots. The whole point of a maternity photo shoot is to highlight a woman’s femininity and elegance, which of course is displayed at the discretion of the woman. It’s almost as if every time Ciara and Russell Wilson are discussed as a family in the media, there’s always some conspiracy explanation that they are trying to get back at Future. People really believe that Ciara comes up with these elaborate publicity stunts to drive Future to choke on Percocets  and make a scene……

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Why Being Black Is Not Good for Business

Ok everyone, brace yourselves; I’m about to mention that four little word that has literally started wars. That little-big word is race. Feel the hairs stand up on your body yet? If not this post will probably get you going and not in a good way but blame society not me. Anyways let’s talk about why being black isn’t always good for business: Continue reading “Why Being Black Is Not Good for Business”

Ground Zero Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Brothers and co-designers Philip and Eri Chu delivered one of the most refreshing fashion shows that I’ve seen to date. The show was exclusively inside a contemporary Chinese restaurant, Chinese Chalet, which also doubles as an eccentric after hours party spot in the heart of FiDi .  The Ground Zero designers were last season’s VFILES finalists,  so we were prepared for some surprises. The name of the show was titled Midnight Express, which was inspired by the nightlife scene in Hong Kong as adolescents and the co-designer’s deep rooted fascination with fashion. Philip Chu stated at the presentation that it opened his eyes and was the first time he got the chance to see really cool people.

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Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj : Who Won?

Alright hip hop fans, theres another beef hitting the rap-sphere but its not the average rapper battle, this time it’s Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. Sorry, I almost chuckled. No matter whose side you’re on, there is a clear winner here. Let’s take a closer look at the Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj show down:  Continue reading “Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj : Who Won?”

Get Rid of Stress Now!

One useful skill I recently learned a few months ago was how to center my energy. By doing this, I have learned how to manipulate my mind (as bad as that sounds) to see the upside in almost every situation. This has brought me a great deal of peace and the best part is it’s like being on a natural high all the time. Want to learn how to get some relief from the stress of the day? Keep reading to find out one of the best methods for stress management: Continue reading “Get Rid of Stress Now!”

Why You Should Have A Passion

So I was just thinking to myself recently about how people work and then die ( I know, its a little grim). Im not talking about the people that have jobs and careers that they genuinely love. Even someone working at McDonald’s could be happier than the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, why is that? Because that person found their passion, no matter what the job is. Here’s why its important to have a purpose. Continue reading “Why You Should Have A Passion”

#KillFridays Exclusive: Cash Sinatra Releases Video for “Count Me Out”/Radio Raheem -EP


Cash Sinatra has blessed us with a visual for “Count Me Out”, a track from his latest EP Radio Raheem. Sinatra is originally from Brooklyn and is unmatched when it comes to his lyricism and writing abilities. Several tracks from the Radio Raheem EP made their way to our exclusive #KillFridays playlist for a solid three weeks in a row. Needless to say, we’ve been hooked on Sinatra’s flow ever since.

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Judge Orders Chris Brown to Stay Away from his Ex Karrueche After He Threatens to Kill Her

It’s a Tuesday and Chris Brown is trending on Twitter once again, but of course it’s not due to his many talents or a dope ass new song. In fact, the only time I feel as though people really give Chris Brown any “real” attention is when he’s being aggressive or throwing an annual tantrum for the media. It’s been almost two years since Iyanla failed to fix Karrueche’s life and it appears that Chris Brown is still not backing down on tormenting her even though their four year long relationship ended a while ago. Chris Brown is literally the epitome of an ex that crawled up from the pits of hell just to ruin your life.


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Why You Have Haters

There are soul sucking, lie spewing, obsessed freaks of nature out there called haters. They are dedicated to their passion, their work ethic is as efficient as Beyonce’s, and they never clock out. There are some out there that wish these types of people didn’t exist and I understand the frustration but if we rounded up all the haters and got rid of them, then who would we laugh at? There is an upside to having haters as annoying as they are. Let’s talk about why they even exist. Continue reading “Why You Have Haters”