8 Signs He’s in Love

The monumental difference in behavior patterns between liking an loving someone is easier to decipher than we think. Actually it’s not very difficult at all but for those of you trying to read between the lines of every gesture and every text message, theres a way less stressful way to do this. Here’s 8 for sure signs he’s in love:



1. No question is a dumb question

He’ll want to know everything about you. From your hometown, to your alma mater, favorite color and everything in between. There’s so many questions and he will make sure he has every answer.




2. He’ll hate your ex as much as you

Even if you had an uneventful breakup with your ex, he’ll find some way to convince you your ex is the ultimate ass for losing you. Then he’ll probably thank him silently in his head.


Gossipy Man Telling Secrets Cover

3. No secret is off limits

Those pesky trust issues just seem to melt away when someone’s genuinely in love. No matter how dark the secret is, he’ll eventually find that comfortable no judgement zone with you.



4. He’ll do things he hates, just for you 

Even though he may hate that Mexican restaurant you frequent every Tuesday, he’ll never miss a dinner date. And that pretty much goes for everything else you may like that he might detest.



5. He’ll probably have the talk before you do

Most men will want to claim their territory once they’ve been bitten by the love bug and there’s only one way to make sure no one else takes his place.



6. He might try to make you one of the bros

There’s the argument that men who choose a night in with their love, instead of a guys night out are the ones who are really in love. I have to disagree. It’s all about balance so don’t be shocked if you find yourself hosting a few get togethers at the house or becoming one of the bros.



7. He won’t notice how dumb he looks

its a known fact that when you fall in love there’s this natural high that takes over. You turn into one of those always happy people, that wants everyone else to be happy too. You might just find him staring at you from time to time and if you don’t, don’t worry, his friends will definitely point it out.



8. He’ll feel like he hit the lottery

And he’ll treat you that way too. He’ll do everything in his power to protect you and the relationship the two of you are building because he won’t want to take the risk of losing you and ruining things.





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