How to Spy on Your Boyfriend (and not get caught)

If there’s one thing I got almost too good at in my previous relationship it was snooping. Now think what you want but a little peek here and there can do a relationship good when there’s nothing to be found. The real problems start when you find out Dominos isn’t really a pizza shop in his phone. In that case it would be time to plot a criminal act and not get caught. But before we get there let’s talk about how to scratch that curiosity itch and snoop on your boyfriend:

There’s a few steps to this process because it’s easy to break into a phone or computer, what you have to be anal about is cleaning up your sneaky tracks. Anyways here’s a few ideas that’ll ease your trust issues in no time.

If your boyfriend is an avid apple supporter and has a iPhone, iPad, iMac, and anything else apple you just hit the nosey lottery. The only thing you’ll have to extract is his apple username and password. Once you have that information log into the account and from there you can receive messages and notifications on your apple device. Its like sitting back and observing in a two way mirror, you know you’re watching but he won’t. So not creepy, right?

Sometimes its as easy as getting the log in password. Just about every wife, girlfriend and side chick has patiently waited for the moment to snag the infamous code to the log in screen. Because of technology its easier than ever to hide messages, pictures and videos from wandering eyes so getting the log in code is crucial to effective spying. There’s hundreds of apps that people use to text and make phone calls from, so make sure to check there. Some apps even conceal themselves behind other names to really throw snooping girlfriends off but once you got your hands on the code, you’ve reached the promised land.

Location apps always rat. There’s no better place to check other than gps apps if you’re worried they’re visiting places they shouldn’t. If you have an iPhone, go into settings, frequented locations and from there you can see which places they visit the most. Its like a little bread crumb trail of ‘gotcha bitch’.

The last place I’m going to mention is probably an oldie but goodie that never fails, bank statements. If you’re not married this information can be difficult to get your hands on but as long as the two of you live together keep a close eye on the mail. Maybe even make nice with the mailman to get first dibs on mail deliveries. Or you can go the digital route and hack into their bank account via wifi or LTE. So many possibilities!

In the case you don’t like to get your hands dirty you can always hire a personal investigator, or put a loyal friend on the job. You may need a few wigs and masks for a disguise but they’ll more than likely never see it coming. Just be sure to exit out of all the apps once done. The last thing you want is to look untrustworthy and crazy; believe me, if they catch you they will try to play that card.


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