I Want to Save Money But, M.AC is Launching at Ulta 

This is not a drill.

M.A.C products will officially be hitting the shelves in Ulta stores in the near future. My first thought was that M.A.C would lose some of it’s exclusivity by being available in  Ulta, but, this will be a great chance to widen their audience. As an added bonus, no one will ever have to deal with the sometimes bitchy employees at the M.A.C counter ever again if they don’t want to…..and I’m confident that no one wants to.


According to Allure,  May will be the start of M.A.C.’s most iconic favorites like the infamous Ruby Woo lip shade being available at ulta.com. Unfortunately we will have to wait until June to actually purchase M.A.C. products physically in the Ulta store.


Sephora will always be bae but, this news will make my trip for certain beauty products more convenient and easily accessible. Thank you M.A.C. for having women everywhere shook with this news.

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