Couples Who Have Less Sex Are Happier

When I mention the word “sex” what exactly comes to mind? In case your brain got suck on kinky fetishes or sweaty intercourse, there’s a bit of a science being developed around sex now. Doctors and psychologists alike have realized there’s more to sex than procreation and whatever day time television has led us to believe. Now thanks to the study of sex, it’s become a indicator on how mentally and emotionally healthy someone may be.
There’s a very persistent story passed around from couple to couple that sex is a barometer for your relationship. The more sex a couple has, the happier they are and the less they have, the more miserable the couple tends to be. That’s not entirely true. Yes change in the frequency of sex is one of the very first signs of a change in the relationship but there are a variety of factors that interfere with how much sex a couple has.

If you’ve been in a relationship or married for some time and your sex drive had a drastic change chances are it could be several reasons. From health, to life changes like having children, maybe a demanding job, literally the possibilities are endless. But it doesn’t mean there’s trouble in paradise. Actually some couples are happier without having sex every night. Doesn’t sound possible right? Let’s think about this.

Sex everyday may start to feel routine or like a job for some couples. While other couples who don’t get to enjoy the deed everyday may put more thought and definitely more passion into their sex life because they don’t know when it’s going to happen again. It also adds a bit of a spark to the relationship.

Now if you’re having sex twice a month you may want to have a conversation about that, unless you already have of course. Then to each its own. So are couples who have less sex happier? That’s up to so many other factors it’s not even funny, but just going off of sex there’s a huge possibility. Don’t think this post means lessen the sex for those of you that like a nice stress reliever everyday. There’s tons of benefits to safe consistent sex.

Just remember it’s all about the quality of your sex life and not necessarily quantity. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

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