Why Being Black Is Not Good for Business

Ok everyone, brace yourselves; I’m about to mention that four little word that has literally started wars. That little-big word is race. Feel the hairs stand up on your body yet? If not this post will probably get you going and not in a good way but blame society not me. Anyways let’s talk about why being black isn’t always good for business:
Business is just business at least that’s how it should be but there’s a lot of different variables that affect the success of someone’s career. Marketing is the core of the business world as far as exposing a brand, product or service to a group of consumers in need. But when taking a look at the science of marketing you’ll realize it’s all simple psychology. One major key to the success of a business is figuring out how to get into the minds of consumers to convince them that they need that product or service. The most interesting part about this science is theres usually only one type of person, face, or look that is consistently used. A little lost?

Lets think about it, we all go to the movies. No matter our race, religion, age or gender, just look around in any theater and you will see all different types of people. So how come the most successful actors in Hollywood all look the same? And it doesn’t stop there. From commercials to runways to tv shows, red carpets and social media, the top players in this game have a striking resemblance. For the faces that don’t fit the status quo but are seen from time to time, they are often marketed more towards a very specific demographic or type of people that are more urban and less…how do I say this? In the wise words of Joanne Prada, I’ll stick to “caucasian.”

Even looking at Joanne Prada (@Iambranden) vs @BlameItOnKway who’s both made very successful careers out of playing the roles of women even though they are men. Joanne The Scammer, who plays a scamming Caucasian woman, is more than half a million followers behind Blameitonkway who plays the character Titi on social media but has been featured on much bigger platforms. Both men are drop dead hilarious but Titi’s character is more hood rat chic, while Joanne Prada is more of a ‘clutch pearls’ type of character. In other words Joanne the Scammer is more marketable or easier for several demographics to relate to or laugh at while Titi is mostly funny to the black community where that type of character is abundant. Even some black women who prefer natural hairstyles have reportedly been told by some of their bosses to “straighten their hair” to appeal more to the masses, the question is why? The answer, being black or urban just isn’t marketable unless that is the target audience.

With almost 1/3 of the African American community living below the poverty level, we can’t afford the luxuries, such as cable or movie tickets, that most businesses market towards. Does this make it right in the world of business? No, but do we really expect Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles to run ads in Vogue? Hopefully you answered no.

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