Everyone is Losing Their Minds Over Ciara’s Maternity Shoot

I never really got the whole controversy or negativity towards women and their styles for maternity shoots. The whole point of a maternity photo shoot is to highlight a woman’s femininity and elegance, which of course is displayed at the discretion of the woman. It’s almost as if every time Ciara and Russell Wilson are discussed as a family in the media, there’s always some conspiracy explanation that they are trying to get back at Future. People really believe that Ciara comes up with these elaborate publicity stunts to drive Future to choke on Percocets  and make a scene……

Sure some of the photos may appear a tad weird for some…I mean baby Future could have been wearing clothes, but maybe this was the vision of the shoot. After all, it wasn’t anyone’s maternity shoot but Ciara and her family. This would not be the first occasion that a celebrity has posed nude with their child. I feel like the shoot is only weird to people who sexualize children and assign women to their ex relationships. The worst part is that Ciara’s shoot is being compared to Beyoncé’s recent maternity shoot, which is a complete reach. Beyoncé has nothing to do with this.

Yes Future and Ciara have a child together and entertained a past relationship but, that doesn’t mean she can’t be happy with her now husband. It’s almost as if people would prefer women to be bitter and hung up on an ex than actually move on and prosper. People want Ciara to be happy but not TOO happy because, Future is still around rapping about how depressed he is. So many people are upset over one person’s happiness. You wouldn’t tell another person how to spend their money, so what is the point in dictating someone else’s maternity shoot.

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