Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj : Who Won?

Alright hip hop fans, theres another beef hitting the rap-sphere but its not the average rapper battle, this time it’s Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. Sorry, I almost chuckled. No matter whose side you’re on, there is a clear winner here. Let’s take a closer look at the Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj show down: 

There’s not very many people who would utter the question “who’s Nicki Minaj?” because she’s that successful whether you like her or not. Remy Ma, who served more than 6 years in prison for assault has found her way back onto the radio in her recent single with Fat Joe called “All The Way Up.”

Rumors of a feud between the two rappers have been circulating for years and finally came to a head after Remy released the diss track “Shether.” Remy takes shots at Minaj and her family for over 6 minutes. Nicki never specifically called out Remy but now cats out the bag, there’s clearly bad blood between the two. Although Minaj timidly responded to Remy’s diss track, the clear winner here is definitely Nicki Minaj.

Say what you want but Minaj is currently in Paris attending the hottest shows for fashion week while Remy is wearing all black to promote her diss track on the Wendy Williams show. Nicki effortlessly sells out arenas and has been at the top of the hip hop game for years now, meanwhile Remy Ma and Fat Joe’s latest album Plato O Plomo sold a depressing 7,978 copies. I could just let the numbers speak for themselves but one real reason I personally have to give the win to Nicki is because Remy just won’t let this go.

Remy Ma spent almost the entire diss track “shETHER” slut shaming Minaj about how she allegedly slept with this celebrity and that rapper. And? Last I checked, adults have sex with people and it’s not like the Trinidadian rapper ever claimed to be a virgin, so nothing really shocking there. Then Remy claimed Nicki’s ass implants had to drop because no one could tell that Nickis ass was fake.

Although Nicki is trying to let the beef die (at least publicly anyways) Remy keeps up the tirade. I think she’s definitely using Nicki to slingshot her career past the grimy career-ending clutches of Love and Hip Hop and The sad truth of the matter is, it’s been working. Everytime Nicki Minaj has a petty moment slip and responds back, it boosts Remy’s career. Plato o Plomo went from #44 to #25 after Minaj tried to take a dig at the album on Instagram.

For everyone wondering why Nicki won’t respond, its probably because this does absolutely nothing but hurt her career and does everything to help Remy’s. I’m really hoping these two can stop going back and forth and get back to making good music because at this point threatening to shoot someone over a rap beef is just embarrassing, especially coming from women (ahem, Remy). As much as I’m sure Minaj would love to respond she needs to employ Beyonce’s words ‘the best revenge is your paper’ and just take the high road. Sucks being the bigger person.


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