Ground Zero Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Brothers and co-designers Philip and Eri Chu delivered one of the most refreshing fashion shows that I’ve seen to date. The show was exclusively inside a contemporary Chinese restaurant, Chinese Chalet, which also doubles as an eccentric after hours party spot in the heart of FiDi .  The Ground Zero designers were last season’s VFILES finalists,  so we were prepared for some surprises. The name of the show was titled Midnight Express, which was inspired by the nightlife scene in Hong Kong as adolescents and the co-designer’s deep rooted fascination with fashion. Philip Chu stated at the presentation that it opened his eyes and was the first time he got the chance to see really cool people.

It was so nice to see Peyton List modeling in the presentation, it’s almost an understatement  to say she simply slayed.

I was obsessed with the combination of vibrant colors that seemed to drown the room. Velvet, grunge and graphic images were the staples of the collection and stole the evening to say the least.

In Ground Zero fashion, the presentation was far from ordinary and featured a complete scenic hipster vibe verses the stereotypical fashion show dynamic. The presentation was relaxed and felt like a “party for fashion”, a celebration for the collection itself. The model’s danced to the music and walked the runway at their own freewill…… some with beers in hand.

The entire collection was unconcerned about the gender specifics and featured sporty outerwear and silk pieces for the fall/winter season.

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