Get Rid of Stress Now!

One useful skill I recently learned a few months ago was how to center my energy. By doing this, I have learned how to manipulate my mind (as bad as that sounds) to see the upside in almost every situation. This has brought me a great deal of peace and the best part is it’s like being on a natural high all the time. Want to learn how to get some relief from the stress of the day? Keep reading to find out one of the best methods for stress management:

Ok if you’re not a yoga lover I may have lost a few of you back there but the good news is its not about levitating in the air with your legs crossed while touching your finger tips. Of course you can take it to that level, where you open up your seven chakras through mind-body connection but we’ll start with baby steps. Depending on how chaotic your life is, this will determine how easily this can be done but if you were anything like me a few months ago when I felt an overwhelming amount of stress; you’ll find a way to make some time.

Make sure before doing this all of your chores and responsibilities are taken care of and done for the day. You won’t want any distractions once you begin so its important to make sure the kids are put to bed (if you have any) and you free at least 30 minutes for yourself.

Get to a quiet place in your home, somewhere you feel comfortable and relaxed. Turn off any outside noises or disturbances like the tv, make sure your phone is set to silent or turned off (major key here). Play soft music quietly in the background, anything that relaxes you, no migos or 21 savage in this space though. Thought i’d mention that. Sit in a upright position with your spine straight and eyes closed. Begin breathing in slow deep paces, inhale through your nose and exhale out of your mouth. Repeat this breathing technique until you are nice and relaxed and the only thing you are focused on is your breathing. This step is so important because it helps to clear your mind of anything and everything, especially whatever may be stressing you.

Once you’ve been breathing like this for about 5 minutes you shouldn’t have to concentrate so hard on breathing properly, it’ll become second nature. Now begin to focus on the calming music with your eyes still closed. Now become completely aware of your surroundings. What do you hear? What do you smell? Can you feel the warm breeze from an open window or hear the fire cracking from your fire place? Focus on this and calming thoughts until you are ready for bed or read a nice book, take a walk, or choose some other way to relax.

This may sound like a strange thing to do but in 2017 we as a people have become so consumed with technology. We are always logged on to the point that we don’t notice much else if its not on social media or being streamed via wifi. One major source of my anxiety was my inability to connect with the now. I was always so focused on which notification just came through or what the days tasks were but it was to the point where I was missing out on real life. My mind was constantly moving and thinking about work no matter what I was doing and who I was with. Since practicing the centering of my energy (totally made that phrase up) I’ve been able to log off when I feel necessary and now I know when my mind and body has had enough stress for the day.

Learn how to wind down, it will do you a world of good. It’s not lazy, it doesn’t mean never work again or abandon your responsibilities, it’s just a way to recharge your batteries for the next day or the next task. Every now and then we all have to give our minds a bit of a spa day.

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