Why You Should Have A Passion

So I was just thinking to myself recently about how people work and then die ( I know, its a little grim). Im not talking about the people that have jobs and careers that they genuinely love. Even someone working at McDonald’s could be happier than the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, why is that? Because that person found their passion, no matter what the job is. Here’s why its important to have a purpose.

I wasn’t necessarily aware of what I wanted to do in life until I kind of stumbled onto it, then as things progressed I realized this wasn’t just a fun hobby for me, it was something I couldn’t live without. Work didn’t feel like work, I was happy to put tons of energy and time into different projects then watch them come to fruition. Every day I was excited to get up and check emails, or see how many followers we got overnight, or respond to comments on our channel. Then real life hit and I experienced one of the worst years of my life (at least personal life anyways) and that was the year just about everyone took an “L”; 2016.

It was a rough time for me and I really didn’t know how to process everything I was dealing with. So many of my relationships had been damaged or lost because I just didn’t have the time that I used to, which led to my support system being drastically cut. But there was one thing that still brought excitement to my life and a genuine smile on my face in the middle of my depression and that was my niche. When all I wanted to do was isolate myself, avoid everyone and watch the bachelor with a bag of chips in bed, I couldn’t. Because there my work was, counting on me to keep going and to stay motivated. I’ll never forget trying to power through last summer while feeling like the world was collapsing but it kept me focused on the future, which was much brighter than the present at the time.

One reason why we always stress to you guys to find your passion isn’t because of all the material things you can acquire from a successful career, that’s just a bonus; but because when times get bad or when you feel alone, your work or project(s) is always there to keep you going. Its something to look forward to when the now doesn’t seem so bright. Sometimes it can be hard to deal with life and all of the bullshit it tries to throw at you but when you’re equipped to wait out the bad times, the struggle isn’t much of a struggle at all. Find your purpose and you’ll find your hidden talents, strength and perseverance. You may even find yourself but that’s another topic for another day.

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