Why You Have Haters

There are soul sucking, lie spewing, obsessed freaks of nature out there called haters. They are dedicated to their passion, their work ethic is as efficient as Beyonce’s, and they never clock out. There are some out there that wish these types of people didn’t exist and I understand the frustration but if we rounded up all the haters and got rid of them, then who would we laugh at? There is an upside to having haters as annoying as they are. Let’s talk about why they even exist.

So imagine waking up from bed, its a beautiful morning, you have a bit more of a pep in your step and then that one person just ruins all of it in the matter of seconds. Maybe its a nagging parent or an unsupportive partner, a shit talking cousin or just a random hating ass stranger. No matter who it is, the results are just the same, a beautiful day just turned sour. But why are some people like this?

Its not you, its them and I say that with all seriousness. Everyone is going through something and although that doesn’t give people the right to be negative towards others, not everyone knows how to deal with their own personal issues correctly. Instead they see a happy person, such as yourself, having a good day and they just can’t comprehend how or why you’re in a good space, while they’re in such a bad one. Which leads them to attempting to bring you down to where they are. Misery loves company because positive energy and negative energy cannot coexist together. One will dominate the other. Either you will bring them out of a dark space or they will pull you into theirs.

The best weapon to combat a person like this is mental conditioning. Train your mind to always see the good or at the very least some good. Whether thats in through a support system like your loved ones or if its going home and watching really television, you have to have something to look forward to in life that you can always depend on to bring you some peace of mind. There will always be haters and negative people in the world looking to make their environment and everyone around them as miserable as they are, thats why you have to be very choosey who you allow in your space.

Chances are when you’re living a good life and not in terms of how much money you make, but when you’re content with life and who you are, just realize there are plenty of lost people out there that aren’t. Because they don’t know how to change their circumstances they feel hopeless and then they accept defeat but don’t feel bad, you can’t save everyone. Some people don’t realize they are in control of their life and happiness and as sad as that is its just like the saying goes, ‘you can lead the horse to water but you can’t make it drink.’

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