Judge Orders Chris Brown to Stay Away from his Ex Karrueche After He Threatens to Kill Her

It’s a Tuesday and Chris Brown is trending on Twitter once again, but of course it’s not due to his many talents or a dope ass new song. In fact, the only time I feel as though people really give Chris Brown any “real” attention is when he’s being aggressive or throwing an annual tantrum for the media. It’s been almost two years since Iyanla failed to fix Karrueche’s life and it appears that Chris Brown is still not backing down on tormenting her even though their four year long relationship ended a while ago. Chris Brown is literally the epitome of an ex that crawled up from the pits of hell just to ruin your life.


Earlier this month, Karrueche felt that it  was necessary to get a restraining order against Chris Brown. She alleged that he was extremely violent towards her in the past and has even stated to a  few people that he was going to kill her. In the filing documents, Karrueche alleges that Brown told other people that if he can’t have her then no one else can; saying ” he would take me out and threatened to shoot me”. According to the restraining order, Chris Brown must stay 100 yards away from her, her mother and her brother.

After the whole Rihanna debacle, I really did not want to hold Chris Brown’s alleged mistake against his talent and artistry, however, he consistently demonstrates erratic behavior and maintains these streaks of abuse towards women that is sickening. Chris Brown’s entire career was in shambles after he beat Rihanna and he still essentially was given chance after chance to redeem himself in the public eye. If we’re being perfectly honest, Chris Brown has not grown as a person since the incident with Rihanna in 2009. He doesn’t give a shit that he’s a stalker or an abuser, because he still has “fans” that defend his craziness.

The worst part about this entire situation is that Chris Brown has a daughter. He’s not even able to stop and evaluate the fact that he’s indirectly showing his daughter how women are treated in relationships. There are literally people on social media, mainly women, defending Chris Brown because he is “attractive” and sings about making love. Meanwhile, I don’t think Chris Brown even cares that he has a fan base. It’s sad that Chris Brown can get away with showing mini O.J Simpson like behaviors, and people literally forget that women get murdered everyday by crazy ass exes that don’t know when to quit. Instead of going on tour, Chris Brown needs to take a break and get some real professional help. It’s sickening to watch someone who could have been a legend, turn into someone who will not be remembered.

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