How to Fix Your Trust Issues

Have you had your heart broken by some loser ex that you wouldn’t mind getting hit by a bus? Has a very special someone in your life let you down or disappointed you? Do you think all men or all women are the same? If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations, you’ve been officially diagnosed with trust issues. It’s a contagious, soul draining disease that can only be cured one way. Want to find out how? Keep reading for the cure :

I will admit, trust issues is one of those tricky things to cure but its not impossible like some would lead others to believe. Let’s really simplify the process though, you ready?

The cure to all your trust issues is to stop; like literally stop. Whatever it is you have been forced to believe because someone broke your heart, hurt your feelings, or betrayed you is not the real world. Move on from your past. Whoever hurt you can not and should not represent the rest of the world. Yes there are bad people out there but not every person is out to get you. To be brutally honest, no one cares that much and if they do, it’s a stalker.

The next step is to realize that you are in complete control over who you allow in your life and who you allow to stay in your life. We have to take some partial responsibility for some of the turmoil we’ve experienced in our adult lives. You’re living in denial if you truly believe that you’re this victim that keeps getting burned by people. That’s not entirely true. Like I said, we may not be able to control others actions but no one is making you answer their phone calls either.

The last and final step is to learn from your hardships. It would be nice if there was some “bad person walking” stamp embedded onto to every asshole’s forehead out there but life is a bit more complicated. The only way to save yourself here is to develop a better judge of character. Whatever happened the last time you were disappointed or betrayed is a lesson to be learned. It hurts but don’t let all that suffering and anguish happen for nothing. It’s important to develop a new way of thinking after a let down like this. Learn the red flags that you may have ignored last time, always defend yourself and your integrity, and never again allow someone the chance to hurt you. One thing I learned is if all signs point to them being an untrustworthy person, they probably are.


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