How single people should spend Valentine’s Day

I don’t know if I’m the best candidate to even write this post because I actually forgot it was Valentine’s Day until some random man on the street wished me a happy one. That’s when it all set in, “it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single af” but what didn’t set in was a strong spell of depression; and even I was shocked. It actually just feels like another day to me (this is coming from someone that doesn’t even celebrate their birthday). Anyways, here’s how to avoid those crying spells on Valentine’s.

One thing to definitely take advantage of during such a troublesome time like this is your friends. And not in a bad way I mean. But give them a call, see if they’re busy. Chances are if they’re in a relationship they’ll be spending all day today banging their heads off then popping a few plan B’s but if they’re real friends they’ll think to make a little time for you. Even if it’s just to text or call you to say happy Valentine’s Day.

As for your single friends, round them all up in one location and everyone start drinking. No I’m kidding (just a little though). We actually have an entire group of friends going with us to see fifty shades darker (don’t judge us). Then afterwards we’re hitting up a strip club super drunk. For us that type of fun is the equivalent of a child going to Disney world for an entire month. But hey do what makes you happy.

Another idea is making a new love connection somewhere. Maybe on the side of the street, tinder, a mutual friend; really just about anywhere. Or if you don’t mind being alone today, binge watch titanic over and over again, read a steamy book, or you could just sleep you way through the day. The good news is, it’s all up to you. You get to decide how you spend the day, just remember it doesn’t have to be depressing unless that’s just your preference of course.

For those of you still feeling the painful sting of being single Happy Valentine’s Day from us to you!

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