Best Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts for Free

Since coming out of my hangover and realizing it’s Valentine’s Day I’ve seen a lot of men and women struggling to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Well I’m about to reveal the perfect gift to get your valentine today plus it’s free.
Ok fellas, you don’t have to be a part of the confused bunch sanding around in target on the card aisle wondering where to begin. No matter how high maintenance your love is, your pockets don’t have to suffer. The best gift anyone can receive for Valentine’s Day is one with meaning. Cook their favorite meal and set up a romantic evening with maybe a cute romantic movie the both of you have never seen. Make sure to include all the necessities like candles and dim he lights to really enhance the mood.
If you’re good with words, try constructing a poem dedicated to them. If you’re a music lover, make a cheesy song. You don’t have to be Stevie wonder to make their heart melt, even if you fall flat on a few notes they’ll appreciate the gesture. Not to mention that moment will go down in the hall of fame for cutest memory ever. Or you could just make a heartfelt playlist. Allow the buttery voices of Justin Timberlake or Teddy Pendergrass for you old schoolers to carry you to the finish line. A little classical music never hurt either.
The best thing about this plan is you can skip all the packed restaurants and overwhelming hordes of people toting around over sized bears and Godiva boxes.
Most importantly don’t forget to say or write a few words for your partner. Maybe reminisce on the first time you guys met or how happy they make you. You could always talk about the future too, girls love that stuff. For the guys that just can’t get Valentine’s Day right and seem to somehow always screw it up no matter how hard they try, just pop the question. Might be horrible advice but trust me it has a 70% success rate. Good luck!


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