Friends with Benefits More Stressful Than a Relationship

There’s a huge myth circulating the dating world that dating without labels is easier or less stressful than a relationship but I have to detest. Whoever created this lie has clearly never been involved in a friends with benefits situation-ship so why is this so widely believed? Let’s break down a few reasons as to why relationships are probably easier than a fuck buddy.
In a relationship most couples discuss or at least have some sort of mutual understanding as to what is acceptable and unacceptable in their union. When there’s “no strings attached” no one really knows what’s allowed and what isn’t.  Until someone or both parties succumb to a bout of insanity. You know what they say? Orgasms and lack of labels just simply don’t mix.

Ok so you know when “the talk” just randomly comes up one day and then bam you just end up in a committed relationship with your soul mate? Yea that doesn’t really happen in this situation especially if at least one of you is more than happy with the whole no strings attached sort of deal. Or if the talk does come up, there’s a possibility they may fall off the face of the earth (at least I probably would).

The games, games, games! There can be a lot more games played in a friends with benefits scenario simply because someone’s feelings got involved. And that’s still just a maybe. Maybe they’re not playing games and their dog really did die and that’s why they didn’t call you back. Or maybe they just simply don’t give a fuck. Oh the possibilities!

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