Do Women Really Care About Valentine’s Day ?

Valentine’s Day is approaching and every year people take the holiday as another opportunity to show appreciation for their partner. Men often feel  that if they don’t  go all out for  their partner  on Valentine’s Day, then he/she will not be satisfied . There is a huge double standard that Valentine’s Day is solely to please women, while men often get the short end of the stick. Buying tacky teddy bears and fancy steak dinners, does not equate to a future for your relationship after Valentine’s Day. Do women really care how much money you spend on them on the special day ?

Every year Valentine’s Day is marketed towards buying fancy stuffed animals, flowers and other expensive gifts mainly targeting women. Men go out every year and break their pockets on pricy dinners and  other obnoxious items to somewhat prove that they care about their partner a little bit more the day before. To prove that they are  in love or at least have some form of deep desire. The stereotype of Valentine’s Day suggests someone’s relationship could be in complete turmoil through the year but,  is ideally perfect for Instagram pictures and Twitter retweets on Valentine’s Day.


The reality is that many women do care about Valentine’s Day but we care more about gifts that are valuable to us. Buying someone who absolutely hates flowers a dozen roses is not a meaningful gesture and many women pick up on this. Women also care about how consistent their man is throughout the year. Picking one day out of the year to not be a cheater or liar does not build a healthy relationship. As women, we overall just enjoy feeling appreciated and celebrated everyday  if in a relationship. I think there is often too much hype and expectations on Valentines Day, instead of actually building solid relationships with people. The presence of social media has made Valentine’s Day a competition to see who can get the best gifts and the most attention which defeats the initial purpose.



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